No Man’s Sky Players Build Mind-Blowing Cyberpunk City

No Man's Sky has changed quite a bit from when it first launched, with players now having a lot more avenues to create and explore in a fully-realized universe. While the road to get to this point was rocky for a while, it would be pretty difficult to argue that Hello Games, the studio behind No Man's Skyhasn't put any work in. But, so have the game's players, who have now gone on to create some mind-boggling creations.

Enter Replicant City, a massive project built by a small team of No Man's Sky players. The city is absolutely massive and wasn't even achievable through normal in-game means. It was constructed through a method called "glitch building," which allows players to put pieces together in areas they normally wouldn't be able to by utilizing bugs. Even finding an area to build the city took the team a week, as they had to find the perfect dead planet to construct the city on. If there was too much flora and fauna, the game would have trouble rendering the city and run the risk of crashing PS4s.

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Replicant City took the team roughly 20 hours to build, and it certainly seems that time investment paid off. The team is planning on releasing the coordinates soon, but are waiting for VR to be introduced first, as they believe that to be the best way to experience the city. Luckily, No Man's Sky's Beyond update releases tomorrow and will introduce VR into the game, so players that are anxious to explore don't have too much longer to wait.

No Man's Sky's path to the Beyond update has been a long and winding road. At one point, Hello Games' Sean Murray even celebrated the game achieving a "Mixed" rating on Steam. Now, it's won back a pretty sizeable audience, with neat videos of explorers discovering new things finding their way online pretty frequently.

There are still plenty of things fans want from the game, and some are even asking for No Man's Sky on the Switch. While the latter probably won't happen in the immediate future, it is possible that it'll make it to the platform at some point.

No Man's Sky is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Source: Polygon

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