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In a reply to a fan on Twitter, No Man's Sky composer Paul Weir reveals that the game's first content update is in the works and will include new music.

Following its rocky and much talked about launch last month, Hello Games' space exploration title No Man's Sky has received several patches in an effort to fix its technical problems. These updates have included fixes for the max inventory exploit as well as general stability improvements as Hello Games aims to stop No Man's Sky from crashing on PS4.

However, with the game seemingly having gone through the worst of it (in terms of bugs and glitches), Hello Games now appears to be turning its attention to new No Man's Sky content. At least, that's according to the game's composer Paul Weir.

Following the release of No Man's Sky update 1.09, which brought more bug fixes to PC and PS4 (including corrupt save recovery improvement and "more robust" galaxy generation) to the game earlier this week, one player took to Twitter to ask Weir if it had introduced new music. Although Weir denied that new sounds had been added, the composer did say that fans can expect "audio changes" in the first No Man's Sky content update.


Although Weir clarified in follow up tweets that he hasn't "finalised exactly when it will make it into the game," he also explains that "the new music will go in, just as soon as we can." Weir doesn't detail what else will be included in the update, but presumably new gameplay content — and not just new audio — will be added as despite No Man's Sky taking five billion years to explore, players are still eager for more things to do (as evidenced by the creation of various mods). Moreover, Hello Games founder Sean Murray has expressed interest in adding things such as freighters and bases so those are certainly a possibility for the first content drop.

Additionally, it also seems quite likely that No Man's Sky's very first content drop will be given at no additional cost. Although Murray has flip-flopped somewhat on the topic of DLC, first saying that there would be free updates through patches before revealing that paid DLC for the game is a possibility, the game has faced so much backlash and negative PR lately that Hello Games may not want to stoke the fire any further. A free content update that gives players their most wanted gameplay features would certainly get No Man's Sky back into people's good graces though, making a freebie all the more likely.

No Man's Sky is available for now PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: Paul Weir — Twitter

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