Hello Games and Sony release a brand new trailer for the forthcoming science fiction game No Man’s Sky, which focuses on the title’s space and surface combat.

Now that No Man’s Sky has gone gold after an incredibly long wait for the reveal of its official release date in August, developer Hello Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment have been promoting the game as much as possible prior to its impending launch in order to inform fans of the title’s contents. Several days ago, in fact, the companies put out the first of a four part series of trailers to provide players with an idea of the core components found within the science fiction title, with the initial video centering around its exploration gameplay.

In continuation of the video series, Hello Games and Sony have released a brand new trailer today that focuses on what players should expect from No Man’s Sky‘s combat. Not only does the video feature first-person shooter action on several of the game’s extremely colorful and diverse planets which are chock full of alien life, but also it shows off the vast space battles that can occur between the title’s star ships.

As seen in the No Man’s Sky “Fight” gameplay trailer below, fans will be able to wield various blasters on the ground against hostile robots and extraterrestrials as a means for survival against their attacks. Plus, while flying in outer space above planets, there’s the possibility of players encountering aggressive computer-controlled fleets of star ships intent on destroying them, so gamers’ own aerial vehicles will be equipped with an array of weapons such as plasma cannons, laser beams, and more.

In the coming weeks, Hello Games and Sony intend on wrapping up No Man Sky‘s four part video series with two more clips that detail what the title is all about. Bearing this in mind, fans should expect developers to eventually release footage involving gameplay aspects that explain how trading and survival will work within the release.

Considering all that’s been shown of No Man’s Sky thus far, including the most recent instance of gameplay above, a lot of players had assumed that the game would take up a sizeable chunk of hard drive space, especially when one takes into account the supposed near-infinite scale of the title’s universe. However, it was recently revealed that No Man’s Sky is set to have only a 6 GB file size on a Blu-ray Disc.

Of course, as is the case with game development nowadays, most titles receive post-launch content almost immediately after a product’s release, and No Man’s Sky will be no exception. As it happens, Hello Games founder Sean Murray has stated that the developer is already working on the game’s first update, which will probably increase the amount of space that No Man’s Sky takes up on players’ respective hard drives. Be that as it may, should the open universe and survival title require a lot of memory to play, it’s hard to deny the excitement felt for its release.

No Man’s Sky is set to launch on August 9, 2016 for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: PlayStation EU – YouTube