No Man's Sky: Here's How Long it Takes to Reach the Center of the Galaxy

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Although Hello Games' No Man's Sky hasn't officially released yet, the leak earlier this week has resulted in someone already finding the center of the game's first galaxy.

Few games have captured the imagination of video game players around the globe like No Man's Sky has this year. Hello Games' first AAA release is apparently just the right blend of science-fiction, exploration, and mysteriousness, because anticipation for No Man's Sky has reached a fever pitch now that the title is only weeks away from hitting online stores and physical shelves alike. Although the No Man's Sky leak has tarnished what has otherwise been a pristine and fun build-up to the game's debut, the mystique surrounding it has remained relatively intact.

Well, that is, until now. Despite pleas from the creator of No Man's Sky to avoid watching leaked gameplay footage, new details are beginning to emerge about what fans can expect when they obtain copies in early August. The redditor behind the original leak, a user by the name of daymeeuhn, has now revealed how long it took them to reach the center of No Man's Sky's galaxy, an objective that Hello Games has stated is the game's primary goal.

According to daymeeuhn, reaching the center of No Man's Sky's galaxy took them what some may feel is an underwhelming 30 hours. Though that's somewhat in line with Hello Games' founder Sean Murray's estimate about those who single-mindedly pursue the center of the galaxy, daymeeuhn also stated that they achieved this time while also completing many other tasks. Just how much of No Man's Sky combat was involved in daymeeuhn's completion estimate is a mystery, but whatever the number, Sean Murray's guess at about 40 hours for people only focusing on one goal seems hyperbolic at best.

Of course, it's possible Murray's estimate factored in exploration beyond just the first galaxy, and could instead relate to discovering the center of the universe rather than just the first galaxy players encounter. While taking a relaxed approach to the game's release and daymeeuhn's estimate might be a wise idea, that might not be what happens in the remaining time before No Man's Sky releases. Several fans bombarded No Man's Sky developers with death threats when the game was delayed earlier this year - hopefully they've learned to react more positively in the interim, and gamers will accept the game's length as a huge variable depending on playstyle.

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If 30 hours seems short for No Man's Sky, it's also possible that fans have simply hyped the game up to be something it ultimately isn't designed to be. Anticipation for the title has caused expectations to swell well beyond Hello Games' control, and No Man's Sky could find itself in the unenviable position of a game that, while good or even great, can never satisfy what gamers now demand from it.

What do you think about the length of time it will take gamers to reach the center of No Man Sky's first galaxy? Is 30 hours too short, too long, or just enough? How much do you think you'll explore before pursuing the game's "main goal"? Let us know in the comments below.

No Man's Sky will release for PS4 on August 9, with a PC release scheduled for August 12 as well.

Source: Reddit (via Vice Gaming)

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