No Man's Sky Bug Fix in the Works; Confirmed Issues Revealed

Sean Murray of Hello Games updates No Man's Sky players regarding the various issues with the game, and promises that a patch is currently being worked on.

Even before No Man's Sky was released this week, developer Hello Games was still intent on improving the retail build of the game. The studio created a major update for day one of the space exploration title, to improve the overall quality of the product for players. However, there have still been a few bugs with the game so far, including frame rate drops. Thankfully, it looks like Hello Games is going to address outstanding problems with the title.

This news comes courtesy of Hello Games directly, with the developer releasing an update to the No Man's Sky official website. The post, titled Issues, directly mentions a number of the bugs that are currently found in No Man's Sky. There, Hello Games founder Sean Murray confirms that the developer is "tracking a number of issues, bugs and crashes that players are reporting, and working to resolve as soon as possible."

Murray also gives an apology for the issues that have been found so far with the game, as well as stating that the team is working as quickly as possible to solve issues. Apparently, the studio has already taken on a new QA team that is actually larger than the Hello Games development team, who are working alongside the Sony QA team.

no man's sky walkers

The post gives a quick update on what steps the team has taken so far, with a patch to address the most pressing problems with the game set for release in the near future. Meanwhile, some advice was also given to players who are getting stuck in the game, with a friendly reminder to players that those who have left their ship in an inaccessible location can still summon it from landing pads or beacons, and that mistakes made during play can be amended by loading a previous version of the game.

However, Hello Games also discussed a somewhat more serious game-breaking glitch that is tied to the use of a pre-order ship. According to the developer, however, most players who are stranded through the bug are actually still able to continue playing the game. Once transferred to a ship without a hyperdrive, a nearby NPC will in many cases then be able to give the player a hyperdrive, with the issue often being solved with a console restart.

Nonetheless, there are still players who have had their progress in No Man's Sky halted by these bugs, and will be hoping that Hello Games is able to deliver this new patch as soon as possible. Hopefully, it will arrive in time to stop players from losing their momentum with the game. In the meantime, however, at least players can look for some more helpful bugs such as the unlimited money glitch.

No Man's Sky is out now for PS4, and releases today for PC.

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