A Reddit post announces the “Big Things” mod for No Man’s Sky, which changes the size of plant life and terrain to make the planets feel more lush and alien.

No Man’s Sky has been having a rough time since its release at the beginning of the month. No Man’s Sky players have been complaining about boring and unfocused gameplay, uninspired planet design, and frequent crashes, which has caused the title to bleed 90% of its active players since its release.

Hello Games is hard at work on yet another patch to fix these various issues, but many modders have taken it upon themselves to improve upon the space exploration simulator. Earlier this week, the Low Flight mod was made available, which allows players to fly their ships through caves and underwater.

Now there is a brand new mod that No Man’s Sky players can enjoy on PC called The Big Things Mod. Its creator, who goes by Bruce-Cambel on Reddit, explains how a few minor changes to the game helps make the planets seem more varied and expansive:

“I’ve increased the size of the trees, some rocks and plants to make the landscapes feel a little more lively. It does create some great woodland to explore and other plant life as I find it makes you want to get lost on the planet as some undiscovered locations are within dense trees or large plant life.”


As can be seen in the images, increasing the size of the rocks and plant life goes a long way to making the planets feel more lively and less flat. The mod seems to be a hit with players, many praised the game’s new look in Reddit’s comments section.

While The Big Things mod may make the game look better, Bruce-Cambel admitted that the mod is far from perfect, saying, “There are some LOD [Level of Detail] issues with some of the larger plants, but as I’m not a coder, I don’t know how to fix this.” Even with his lack of coding experience, Bruce-Cambel still encouraged users to report any issues that they encounter, and he would do his best to fix them.

Hello Games has previously stated that their next patch will make players “very happy,” but perhaps they should take a page from these modders when trying to figure out what players actually want out of No Man’s Sky. Otherwise, Hello Games may start seeing more players returning their copies of the game.

Which mod should be made next for No Man’s Sky?

No Man‘s Sky is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: Reddit