No Man's Sky Releases 'Beyond' Update Launch Trailer

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If there's one redemption story in the games industry that pretty much everyone is familiar with, it's No Man's Sky. The open-universe exploration game released to tons of negative feedback from consumers, with many stating that the final product was nowhere near what they were shown in trailers leading up to launch. However, the game has built a solid reputation with regular content updates, and even more is headed into the game with the forthcoming Beyond update, which got a launch trailer today.

The Beyond update will change the game quite a bit upon its release, as Developer Hello Games has described it as three major updates rolled into one. The update will expand on No Man's Sky's multiplayer by making it easier to find and play with others in the game. This will largely take place in the Nexus, a new social hub where players can go to meet and interact with each other. Multiplayer in No Man's Sky stirred up quite a bit of controversy when the game first launched after two players traveled to the same planet to meet each other, only to find out that they couldn't even see one another.

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The largest part of the Beyond update is the addition of VR support, which should make for a drastically different experience than the base game itself. VR should give an incredible sense of scale within the game, so it should seem more realistic when players journey through space or encounter towering alien species. The addition of VR is no surprise, though. Hello Games announced that Beyond would introduce VR support back in March, though fans have been anxiously awaiting the feature since then.

According to Hello Games, the developer plans on continuing to support the game like this well into the future. Needless to say, No Man's Sky's journey has been particularly interesting to see, and the studio has, evidently, learned a lot, even offering up advice for the developers of Fallout 76 and Anthem, stating that it's best just to keep their heads down and focus on working on their games.

It'll be interesting to see how No Man's Sky evolves in the future, as there will likely be plenty more for fans to explore and discover over time. The game may have stumbled initially, but it seems fair to say that the studio has largely been forgiven by the general gaming audience.

No Man's Sky's Beyond update will launch on August 14th, 2019.

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Source: Hello Games

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