No Man's Sky Beyond Update Lets Players Milk Aliens

no mans sky beyond update

A huge update to No Man's Sky drops on August 14th called Beyond. In a new interview with Game Director Sean Murray, he details what new content players can expect.

No Man's Sky has gone through a lot of changes since its rocky launch in 2016. To fans who played it on launch, the game has become something altogether different thanks to updates from developer Hello Games. Now, it will change even more, with the upcoming Beyond update.

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Game Informer sat down with Sean Murray, the head of Hello Games, to discuss what players can expect from the new update. According to Murray, the team will expand a lot of already existing features, and add a whole host of new ones.

First of all, No Man's Sky will get larger multiplayer support. Murray says the developers aren’t turning the game into an MMO, but that after the new update, it will support between 16 and 32 players in each session. Hello Games will add a Destiny-like hub space ship where players can convene to create teams and go on missions together. Players can summon the ship at any time. The addition of multiplayer has been a rocky road for No Man's Sky, but it seems like it will finally feel fully supported in Beyond.

The new update will also add support for VR on PlayStation and PC. Murray says that at least 1 million players own both No Man's Sky and some kind of VR headset. The game will support the PlayStation VR and various PC Headsets.

no mans sky beyond update

Finally, No Man's Sky will add a bunch of new features that will flesh out the universe and give players more ways to interact with the world. Players will have the option to build much larger bases with generators, electricity, and mining tools. They will also have the opportunity to tame animals, farm them, ride them, and yes, milk them. Murray also promises the universe will add more depth to its missions, more languages and races, and will feature NPC aliens walking around on planets. The update should make No Man's Sky feel much larger and much more inhabited.

In the lead up to the initial release of the game, Murray made a lot of promises on which the Hello Games team did not deliver. This caused a lot of pushback from No Man's Sky early adopters, who felt misled, and thought the game felt unfinished.

Since then, the team at No Man's Sky's Hello Games has worked hard to bring those features and turn the game around. They added many of the promised elements, plus a whole host of new unexpected stuff, to the game through a series of large updates. These changes turned the game around for many players, and the player-base has grown tremendously.

Fans of No Man’s Sky can pick apart the Beyond trailer while they wait for the new update next week.

No Man's Sky is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: Game Informer

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