With so much to do in No Man’s Sky, players will want to quickly upgrade their ship to something more powerful. Here’s our guide to obtaining better ships in the game.

No Man’s Sky is now into its second day and players are still hard at work exploring the various strangely named planets and galaxies scattered throughout the universe. Those who have spent more than a few hours in the game have no doubt discovered the importance of upgrading their ships and equipment, and may have even started searching for a new ship.

Fortunately, there are a couple of sure-fire ways for players to find new ships in No Man’s Sky. Players can select whichever method best fits their play style, whether that’s more focused on building a hefty bank account, or exploring planets for wreckage. Here are the two best ways to get a better ship in No Man’s Sky.

Purchase a New Ship with Units

No Man's Sky Space

Every player in No Man’s Sky starts with the same ship: a Rasamama S36 Starship. It’s a very basic ship that provides a good start, but players will quickly discover their need for a better, faster ship with additional inventory slots.

Those players looking to purchase a new ship will first need to farm for Units – and will likely need to obtain several hundred thousand to over a million Units in order to purchase the better ships the game has to offer. Players looking to fill their coffers quickly should check out our guide to making money fast in No Man’s Sky.

Once players have the requisite Units, they will need to head to one of the many space stations, trading posts, observatories, or others locations where ships can be found. Players can review the various ships available for their technologies and inventory options. Once a player finds the ship they want, they can make an offer to purchase the ship.

Find and Repair a Wrecked Ship

No Man's Sky Ship

The other method for obtaining a new ship is to seek out a ship wreckage on one of the planets. While this method can take some time to complete, it’s a great way for players to upgrade their ship if they are low on Units or don’t want to spend time farming for cash.

To find these wreckage sites, players will first need to find a waypoint or outpost with a beacon. Beacons have four options: shelter, monolith, transmission, and outpost. Players will want to select transmission, which will send them to a base where they will need to decode a basic puzzle. Once the puzzle is decoded, players will see the downed ship on the planet. From there, they can review the ship to see if it’s better than the one they have, or if it’s something they’re interested in.

If the ship is desirable, players will need to scour the landscape for materials to repair the ship (if they don’t have them already). Once the ship is repaired, it’s theirs for the taking.

Selecting the Best Ship

No Man's Sky Surprise Launch Rumors Denied - No Man's Sky ship

Since players can only have one ship at a time in No Man’s Sky, they will want to be mindful of the various options available. Additionally, players will want to consider their preferred activities in the game when selecting a ship.

There are three starship classifications in No Man’s Sky, each with its own pros and cons. It’s likely players will hop between classes as they play through No Man’s Sky, as doing so will allow them to get the full experience the game has to offer.

Explorer ships have better engines and hyperdrives than other ships, making them a prime choice for exploring or seeking out the center of the universe. Since this ship is better suited for travel than fighting, it has better stealth capabilities than other classes, allowing players to cruise the universe undetected.

Fighter starships are best for combat. Players who prefer fight over flight will want to get their hands on a Fighter ship. Fighters have better guns and shields, allowing them to take more damage than other ship types.

The last type of ship is a Trader. Trader ships are large and meant for trading. They are big and slow, but they make up for their size with plenty of inventory space and large weapons meant for holding off potential attackers.

What ship are you currently using in No Man’s Sky? Let us know in the comments.

No Man’s Sky is available now for PlayStation 4, and launches for PC on August 12th.