After releasing less than 24 hours ago for PC, Hello Games’ space exploration and survival title No Man’s Sky becomes one of the best-selling games on Steam ever.

Although No Man’s Sky hasn’t been the smoothest launch on PC in terms of technical performance for some players, as there have been reports of low frame rates, stuttering, crashes, and myriad issues with the platform’s server, the title continues to be played like gangbusters on Steam. As a matter of fact, the game has already become one of the best-selling releases on Valve’s digital distribution platform ever, with showings of 212,620 people simultaneously playing No Man’s Sky on its first day so far.

These figures for No Man’s Sky come from an official resource created by Valve known as Steam Stats, which shares data on the top games by current player count, as well as the concurrent users online within the most recent 48 hours. As it happens, Steam Stats also revealed that in just North America and Europe alone, the platform’s servers were dishing out a combined 4.7 terabits per second as fans downloaded Hello Games’ space exploration and survival title.

While some might be quick to point out that these numbers aren’t necessarily bigger than such Valve titles as Dota 2, which is pulling in slightly more than a million instances of concurrent users during its biggest tournament of the year—The 2016 International Championships, that is—it’s important to note that those 212,620 No Man’s Sky players make up at least 46% more than what was achieved by every other release that launched in 2016, including major titles like Dark Souls 3 and DOOM. Furthermore, it’s extremely likely that even more people will play the game over the weekend, which is when Steam activity is typically at its highest for the week.


Of course, the statistics from Steam Stats don’t actually denote sales figures themselves, but these numbers do represent the popularity of a game. For example, with The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim hitting 280,000 concurrents during its launch week in 2011, and then going on to sell more than 3.5 million copies on PC and console in its first two days, it’s quite possible for No Man’s Sky have moved at least 2 million units total on the platform and PS4 so far.

Taking all of this into account, Hello Games definitely has a hit on its hand with No Man’s Sky. While some PC fans are still reporting that it’s nearly unplayable on the platform, it doesn’t seem to be stopping a lot of other gamers from journeying to the center of the game’s galaxy. Naturally, though, those concurrent numbers from Steam Stats could rise even higher if the studio manages to get some more significant patches in place.

What do you think about No Man’s Sky‘s popularity on Steam? Were you one of the 212,620 fans playing the game on PC? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

No Man’s Sky is out now for PC and PlayStation 4.

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