In order for gamers to beat No Man’s Sky, they’ll need to hang on to the Atlas Stones they find. Here’s our guide on what to do with them and why they’re important.

As many PlayStation 4 gamers are now aware, No Man’s Sky is chuck full of mysteries waiting to be discovered. Some of these mysteries are unraveled quickly, while others are hidden away for a later time and require players to move along a particular path.

One such mystery has to do with the Atlas Stones players collect as they play through No Man’s Sky. As players gather these stones, they’re given no information about them, except that they’re worth a lot of money. Naturally, many players are likely to sell Atlas Stones in an effort to build their cash reserves for a bigger, badder ship. But with what we know now, it’s probably a good idea to hold onto those stones.

No Man's Sky Planet Fly

We’ll note that the following guide has massive spoilers about the storyline of No Man’s Sky, so those hoping to play through and discover the game’s secrets for themselves should probably stop reading. Those gamers who don’t mind the spoilers, read on. Here’s our guide for how to use Atlas Stones in No Man’s Sky.

Collect 10 Atlas Stones

Before getting too far into the guide, we’ll quickly note that players who aren’t interested in reaching the game’s “end” don’t need to worry so much about hoarding every Atlas Stone they find. However, those players that are working toward the center of the galaxy for the game’s finale should definitely keep a tight hold on any Atlas Stones that cross their path.

No Man’s Sky players will need to collect 10 Atlas Stones before they’re ready to use them. That may seem like a lot of materials to haul around when players are faced with limited inventory space, but it’s important to remember that players will have opportunities to increase their personal inventory and starship inventory as they play through the game. In fact, it’s probably a good idea to stick Atlas Stones in a ship’s inventory as soon as they’re acquired, that way players can make sure they hold onto them throughout their journey.

Reach the Center of the Universe

no man's sky center of the galaxy hello games

Once players have 10 Atlas Stones, they’re ready to complete their journey with Atlas. When they do complete this journey, players will be given a simple choice: continue exploring the vast universe as they have been, or create a new galaxy using the Atlas Stones they’ve collected.

When players choose to create a new galaxy, they’ve essentially beaten the game. By following the in-game sequence, players will be sent to a new galaxy and planet where they will begin the journey anew. Players will once again find themselves crash-landed on a planet and be faced with the task of fixing their ship and heading off into the wide expanse of the galaxy. To see this in action, be sure to check out the RabidRetrospectGames video below, and jump to the 13:16 mark to watch the ending play out.

Fortunately, players who do start a new galaxy and kick off a “new game” will still have all their items in their inventory, so they won’t lose everything they’ve worked to collect throughout their exploring.

In the end, the finale of No Man’s Sky is both interesting and underwhelming. Players are invited to continue exploring the planets, researching creatures and vegetation, and acquiring different and better ships. Hopefully, the Hello Games team has some additional ideas in mind for their free updates that will give players additional purpose to scouring the 18 quintillion planets within No Man’s Sky.

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No Man’s Sky is available now for PlayStation 4, and releases August 12th for PC.

Source: RabidRetrospectGames – YouTube