It’s only been out for less than a day, but No Man’s Sky is already building a ton of buzz as players explore its vast universe. However, with an open world unlike anything gamers have seen before – one in which there are a near-infinite number of planets to name, explore, and salvage – some players might be looking for a little guidance.

As with most games, there are things in No Man’s Sky that don’t make sense at first, but will eventually become clear once players progress. One of those things is the Atlas Pass, a keycard of sorts that allows players to enter locked doors in outposts and on space stations.

Unlike most of the items in No Man’s Sky, the Atlas Pass is actually part of the main quest line (if you could call it that) in the game. Players will need to continue on the path to the center of the galaxy if they want to acquire one, and don’t worry everyone will get an Atlas Pass.

At some point during the No Man’s Sky progression, players will be asked to head to an Atlas station. Here they will uncover more information about the group that is seemingly lurking behind the shadows of the universe, and in turn they will gain access to a low level Atlas Pass. However, that will only be an Atlas Pass V1, but eventually players will earn higher level Atlas Passes, which will unlock access to more doors.

What’s important to keep in mind while playing through No Man’s Sky is that the universe is procedurally generated, and therefore it doesn’t have the type of natural progression that players might be used to. Even early on, players might encounter items and interactive elements that don’t make sense at first, but will eventually. Like the locked Atlas Pass doors – it’s unclear what to do with them, but eventually it becomes clear.

no mans sky space station

The same could also be said of No Man’s Sky’s resources, which are hard to find if players don’t know where to look. One of the resources that we were unclear about at first, but eventually discovered in large groups was Thamium, one of the resources necessary to fuel space travel. For more on that, make sure to read our No Man’s Sky Thamium farming guide.

It’s clear that players are only just scratching the surface, and that more about No Man’s Sky will be revealed in the coming days and weeks. As developer Sean Murray teased, there are plenty of Easter Eggs packed into the game for players to find, so stick to Game Rant for more developments in the universe.

No Man’s Sky is available now for PS4 and will release August 12 for PC.

Source: Twinfinite