One of the most valuable resources for space explorers in No Man’s Sky is antimatter, and this guide explains its purpose, where to find it, and how to craft it.

In the ambitious space exploration game No Man’s Sky, the ultimate goal is to reach the center of the universe. However, getting to the center of the universe is no easy feat, as it requires players to collect many resources along the way in order to complete the long journey. One of the most important resources players will need to travel throughout the No Man’s Sky universe is antimatter, but it’s somewhat tricky to come by.

The first time players will need antimatter is near the beginning of the game, not long after leaving the first planet. Players will be given the new objective to create a hyperdrive, which is used to travel from one star system to the next. Crafting the hyperdrive is easy enough, but after building one, players will find that they need antimatter to create the warp cell necessary to fuel it.

Luckily, the game will nudge players in the direction of some free antimatter. It is located on the starting planet, at an outpost that features an alien creature. Don’t worry about learning the alien’s language, as whatever it is saying is irrelevant at the moment. Simply speak with the alien NPC, collect the free antimatter, craft the warp cell (it also requires 100 thamium9), and then use it to fuel the hyperdrive.

No Man's Sky Guide: How to Get Anti-Matter - No Man's Sky antimatter formula

Now that travel to the neighboring star system is possible, do that now. Upon arriving in the second star system, a new marker should appear prompting players to seek out the antimatter formula, so that they can craft it to create more warp cells and continue their journey to the center of the universe.

The antimatter formula is located at an outpost on one of the planets in the new star system. It may be guarded by sentinels or other hazards, so be wary of that. Anyway, follow the marker to the computer source of the antimatter product recipe, and then collect it to discover the ingredients required to make it. When it comes to crafting antimatter in No Man’s Sky, players will need 1 electron vapor, 50 heridium, and 20 zinc. For tips on where to find these crafting materials, please refer to our How to Get Started Guide for No Man’s Sky.

From this point on, antimatter should be somewhat easier to come by, which is good as it is a necessary component for traveling to each star system and seeing as many of the game’s 18 quintillion planets as possible. Of course, players will need to collect many other items on the adventure as well, such as Atlas Stones, but antimatter is still one of the most important resources in the entire game, and understanding how to obtain it is integral to success in No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky is available now for PS4, and will release for PC on August 12th.