No Man’s Sky Visits Late Show With Stephen Colbert

By | 1 year ago 

No Man’s Sky is the kind of game that could, without hyperbole, completely revolutionize the gaming industry. Any game that has an estimated completion time of over 5 billion years is obviously up to something unique and innovative, and Hello Games’ upcoming sci-fi title looks like it could be, in part, the game that players wanted Spore to be so many years ago. A strong showing at this year’s E3 conference has helped catapult No Man’s Sky near the top of most gamers’ wish lists, and fans are eagerly anticipating the announcement of a release date.

The absence of a concrete release date hasn’t deterred Hello Games from showing off all sorts of critical features, however. The studio has taken every chance they can get to show off their newest title, and No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray has now had the honor of following PewDiePie’s appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Sean Murray arrived on the set of The Late Show Friday night to once again cause gamers to salivate over No Man’s Sky, which of course no one else has been able to play yet. Sean put some developer cheats into practice to help speed the demo along, jumping between five different planets in the same solar system while explaining some of the finer details of the game to his interested and awestruck host. Murray even showcased a feature of the game’s affectionately nicknamed “Intergalactic Pokedex“, branding some of the wildlife he came across with cheeky references to Colbert.

Since this is a TV show and not an on-stage demo, The Late Show host asked a broad spectrum of questions rather than just inquiring about the nuts and bolts basics of No Man’s Sky. Colbert asked where the game’s massive universe was being hosted, how multiplayer works, and even expressed some tongue-in-cheek concern about the protagonist’s spaceship’s resemblance to the X-Wings from Star Wars, suggesting that Murray “go to space before the lawyers from LucasFilm catch us”.

Although Stephen Colbert’s last video game-related guest, PewDiePie, made a lot of sense given his massive YouTube subscriber appeal and appearances in news outlets outside of the gaming industry, featuring Sean Murray and No Man’s Sky speaks volumes about how people are viewing the game’s potential when it finally releases. Perhaps that’s why Microsoft employees have publicly lamented No Man Sky’s PS4 and PC exclusivity, as industry insiders continue to speculate on just how massive a success Hello Games’ project could actually be.

Are you excited that Stephen Colbert is bringing video games even more mainstream attention? How much longer do you think we have to wait for a No Man’s Sky release date? Let us know in the comments.

No Man’s Sky currently has no release date and is set to arrive for both PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: YouTube (via Kotaku)