Nioh PvP DLC Releases Early Next Month

Nioh PvP DLC Releases Early Next Month - Dragon of the North DLC

Nioh was a surprise hit when it released to widespread critical acclaim last February, and now Team Ninja is set to give fans a reason to return to the celebrated ultra-difficult action RPG. On May 2nd, Nioh is getting a free update that will add the long-awaited PvP mode to the game.

Even though we're just a few weeks away from Nioh's free PvP update, we're still not entirely sure what it will entail or how it will change the game. Since Nioh has taken so much inspiration from the Dark Souls franchise in a number of ways, one has to imagine that the game's PvP will be similar to that we see in From Software's games.

The free PvP update for Nioh isn't the only piece of new content coming to the game on May 2nd. Team Ninja is also releasing a paid expansion for $9.99 called Dragon of the North. Like the PvP update, specifics on the Dragon of the North expansion are few and far between, but fans can expect new weapons, a new dragon guardian spirit, and new missions. From the looks of it, anyone itching for more of Nioh's brand of action may want to consider picking up the new expansion.

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The Dragon of the North DLC won't be the end of Nioh's post-release support. Team Ninja is prepping two additional expansions for the game as part of its season pass, Defiant Honor and Bloodshed's End. However, if these expansions prove especially popular, Team Ninja may look into creating even more DLC for Nioh enthusiasts to sink their teeth into.

Besides leading to more DLC, continued support for Nioh could also result in a sequel. It's safe to say that the game has exceeded expectations so far, earning some of the strongest review scores Team Ninja has seen in years, and passing one million units sold – a milestone that was celebrated by gifting players with free golden armor.

Between Nioh's sales success and its strong review scores, it seems as though Team Ninja has a new franchise on its hands. Whether or not it will reach the same heights as Ninja Gaiden remains to be seen, but Nioh is certainly off to a good start.

Nioh is available now, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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