Nioh players have 25 Kodama to collect in the game’s second region that will help them earn the Kodama achievement. Here is where to find every one of them.

Just a few days after its launch, Nioh has already managed to prove itself as much more than a Dark Souls clone. The game does boast a similar painful difficulty to the Souls franchise, but the monster-slaying action RPG definitely has taken on a life of its own. The title is full of challenges and treasures and gamers will be able to sink dozens of hours into hunting down every collectible and unlocking every trophy in Nioh.

After reading the getting started in Nioh guide and mastering the basics, players will be ready to start hunting down Kodama¬†to make their way closer to that coveted Kodama Leader trophy. The game’s second region, Chugoku, contains 25 Kodama scattered throughout four quests (two main and two sub missions).

Kodama are small creatures that players can find, which will help them out with a variety of buffs at the Shrine. Players will easily stumble across some of these collectibles, but others require some hunting. Hunting these down can be a time consuming effort, but gamers who are in a hurry can speed that process up with the help of this guide.

The following video, thanks to YouTuber PowerPyx, details exactly where to find every Kodama in the Chugoku region. Players should be warned that there may be mild spoilers in the gameplay footage…

The Silver Mine Writhes

Nine lost forest spirits can be found during The Silver Mine Writhes mission.

The Ocean Roars Again

The next nine Kodama can be collected while completing The Ocean Roars Again mission in the flooded temple. Players will need to find and light three bonfires across the map to complete this mission.

The Three Angry Gods

Four Kodama can be found in the deserted temple during The Three Angry Gods side mission. This is the first time in Nioh the collectibles show up during a side mission, but definitely not the last.

The Conspirators

The final three Kodama are found in another side mission, The Conspirators. Players will visit a couple of wrecked ships that have been turned into a fortress and can find the collectibles there.

Good luck hunting these town and earning that next trophy! Let us know how your journey is going in the comments.

Nioh is available now, exclusively for PS4.