Nioh Demo Available Now: Dark Souls Meets Dynasty Warriors

nioh demo available dark souls meets dynasty warriors

Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja officially release the alpha demo for Nioh, unleashing a brutal samurai gameplay experience and a free DLC reward for players.

When games enter development hell, it's rare for them to ever emerge from it, especially if they languish for over ten years. Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja are apparently trying to break that trend with Nioh, a game that has been in the works for over a decade.

Publisher Tecmo Koei and developer Team Ninja today released the first demo for Nioh onto the PlayStation network. The game revolves around William, a samurai of mixed heritage who battles through supernatural foes and fellow samurai using a wide variety of weaponry. While that might make some think the game is akin to an Onimusha reboot, this supernatural samurai game puts an emphasis on dark and excruciatingly difficult gameplay, leading some gamers to find it to be more like a cross between Dynasty Warriors and Dark Souls instead.

The demo highlights two areas that will be in the final game, and offers the free "Mark of the Conquerer" DLC to any gamer who completes the demo and goes on to purchase the final game. However, the alpha demo can only be accessed from today through May 5th, so gamers shouldn't waste any time if they're interested in giving it a whirl.

nioh samurai lunge attack

Chances are many gamers have never even heard of Nioh, and others probably thought the title was cancelled years ago. Nioh has been in development for very many years, originally being announced as a game and film project back in 2004, so it wouldn't come as a surprise for gamers to have given up on it a long time ago.

While Nioh was originally intended to be a launch title for the PlayStation 3, a combination of factors put it onto the backburner. The game began its development under Koei, before it merged to become Tecmo Koei, and the title was then handed off to Team Ninja to perform the game's actual development. However, for several more years, no real news or signs of progress emerged from the project, and both the publisher and developer only offered cryptic updates that the game was still in development or that it had completed its alpha build eight years after the game was initially announced.

Between promises to release Nioh sometime this year and the demo being made publicly available, it would seem that Nioh is finally going to actually be finished. It remains to be seen if the game suffers any further delays, but if it's successful, it may give gamers something new to play once they're finished with the excruciatingly punishing Dark Souls 3.

Nioh is set to release sometime in 2016. The demo is available from April 26th to May 5th on the PlayStation Store.

Source: PlayStation Store

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