Since its release as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja’s action role-playing game Nioh has already gone on to be considered by many as one of the hardest video games to have ever been released, testing the skills and patience of practically everyone who has picked it up. Now, the publisher and developer have announced that the title will be challenging PC fans, as it is set to be launched in what’s being called a Complete Edition through Valve’s Steam service on November 7, 2017.

This version is going to be released digitally as Nioh: Complete Edition, and it will not only feature the original game, but also the compendium will include the three DLC expansions that have been made available for the PS4 version during its post-launch period. Regarding the title’s launch on PC, the game’s director Fumihiko Yasuda said the he and his crew of developers are excited for the action-RPG to expand its reach beyond console exclusivity.

“Team Ninja is well aware of the fact that many gamers have been passionately asking for a PC version of Nioh. I am thrilled to announce that this game will finally be available for our die-hard PC fans in Nioh: Complete Edition! I hope you all enjoy the unforgettable drama and deeply challenging Yokai battles this action-packed experience has to offer.”

Furthermore, Nioh: Complete Edition on PC is going to have Action Mode, which will run the title at a “stable 60 frames per second,” and Movie Mode, which is “a cinematic option that can expand the display resolution to 4K.” However, Koei Tecmo didn’t specify whether or not the Movie Mode will run at a lower frame rate in order to compensate for the 4K visuals it intends to display.

In order to celebrate the release of Nioh: Complete Edition, Team Ninja is releasing a new item called the Dharmachakra Kabuto helmet (found above) that will be available for the PC version. As seen in the object’s description below, it looks as if the developers had a bit of fun making it, as the piece is a wink and a nod to the fact that the game’s finally launching on personal computers through Steam.

“The Wheel of Dharma kabuto is a form of ‘kawari-kabuto’–a family of helmets featuring fantastical designs. This helmet features a red-lacquered front crest of an ancient Buddhist symbol depicting the eightfold path to nirvana. This holy image represents spiritual enlightenment attained by casting off one’s worldly desires, and also holds the power to banish evil.

“However, some claim this is not a Wheel of Dharma at all, merely a replica that looks as though it belongs on a device to regulate steam … Some have gone so far as to suggest renaming it to ‘Valve Kabuto,’ but why anyone would make a helmet featuring a valve is unclear.”

All things considered, the launch of Nioh on PC as the Complete Edition ought to excite fans, especially since they will be getting all of the DLC in addition to the base game, including its PvP content, Dragon of the North, Defiant Honor, and Bloodshed’s End. Plus, PC gamers should be prepared for high quality content from the base game itself, as plenty of critics have lauded the game, with our review even positing that it “combines the stiff challenge of Dark Souls, the atmosphere of Onimusha, and the loot farming of Diablo to create an intense experience that’s hard to put down.”

Nioh is available now for PlayStation 4, while Nioh: Complete Edition releases for PC on November 7, 2017.

Source: Steam