Nioh 2 TGS Trailer Shows Intense Boss Fights, New Release Window

nioh 2 gameplay trailer tgs 2019

Almost two and a half years after Nioh surprised action RPG fans, Nioh 2 looks to continue the trend. Team Ninja is attending the Tokyo Game show 2019 convention and brought a new Nioh 2 trailer. The trailer showcases a huge variety of Nioh 2 gameplay, while also confirming a new release window of early 2020.

A highlight of the new Nioh 2 trailer is what appears to be gameplay from several boss fights. As any From Software fan can attest, boss fights are the bread and butter of a great Souls-like action RPG. Early in the trailer, a spear-wielding boss shifts their spear into a scythe, followed by a floating wraith-like boss in a flaming building. Later, a horse-faced, snarling demon samurai grabs the player in a vicious attack. That's followed by a large weasel-like boss that spins through a forest, cutting down trees.

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Two more bosses make dramatic appearances in the trailer. The first is a cat-woman, complete with cat ears. This demon is fighting Nioh 2's protagonist in the same burning village from earlier in the trailer.c  She has a giant flaming whip and stands on large flaming wheels. The final boss shown in the trailer is a giant, horned, insect-like demon. It pukes green poison and can grasp the player, launching them into the air to then be swallowed.

The cinematic footage shown in the trailer is, unfortunately, untranslated, since this Nioh 2 trailer was leaked and not officially released. However, one character is notably recognizable. Toward the end of the trailer, before the cutaway, is a certain familiar lord. Nioh 2 is expected to be a prequel to the original game, at least partially. And this lord appears to be a young Nobunaga. Oda Nobunaga being one of the original Nioh's awesome boss fights.

There's clearly a lot left to be described regarding this new Nioh 2 trailer. Nobunaga's role and the woman teased at the very end of the trailer, specifically. But there's plenty to be excited about even without a translation or further details. The Nioh 2 gameplay shown is exhilarating and the enemy and boss diversity already looks like a marked improvement over the original Nioh.

Expect more information on Nioh 2 as TGS 2019 continues through the weekend, and in the months beyond.

Nioh 2 releases early 2020 on PS4.

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