Despite boasting some really interesting capabilities, Nintendo has revealed that they will not be requiring developers utilize all of the Wii U controller’s functionality. More specifically, Nintendo feels that, if a developer wanted to use the touch screen capabilities of the controller, that it would make sense and not seem like a tacked on gimmick.

Yes, the Wii U is capable of delivering a wide variety of gameplay experiences, but Nintendo, most likely in an effort to rededicate themselves to the hardcore, doesn’t want anything to be forced on developers this time around.

Sure, there are some very clever applications for the Wii U controller, like being able to use it as detective mode goggles in Batman: Arkham City, but there is still the potential that could discourage gamers from picking up the Wii U version of the game.

Speaking with EDGE magazine, Nintendo’s Katsuya Eguchi revealed that even Nintendo, when developing a project like The Legend of Zelda or Mario, might not use all of the Wii U controller’s functionality.

“I don’t think it’s necessary for any and all developers working on software for the Wii U to make use of all of its features, including the touchscreen. Regardless of whether it’s a Nintendo developer or a third-party developer, if it makes sense for the game to make use of the touchscreen, I hope they take advantage of that. If it doesn’t, I hope they don’t.”

Much like we anticipate, after the initial testing phase wears off, that many games won’t make great use of all of the PS Vita’s capabilities, so will third-party Wii U developers learn what is best for them.

It really does seem like since E3 2011 that Nintendo is making conscious efforts to turn over a new leaf and be more open to appealing to the hardcore gamer. By seeking out partnerships with prominently hardcore developers, and even porting some highly anticipated titles, Nintendo wants gamers to know they have learned some valuable lessons from the Wii experience.

Will we see games that completely abandon the Wii U controller and the Wii-mote in favor of the classic controller? Probably not, but at least it’s good to know Nintendo is willing to bend in certain areas.

Do you think Nintendo has improved their approach with developers to make their console more accommodating? Would you be interested in picking up a multi-platform title for the Wii U that did not use a Wii-mote or the Wii U controller?

Source: EDGE (via CVG)

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