New The Legend of Zelda artwork has been revealed as Nintendo begins to announce its run-up to E3 promotions, including discounts and Miitomo content.

In the run up to E3, Nintendo has detailed several promotions that the company will be running to build excitement before the big gaming even takes place. What’s more, new artwork has been unveiled from the upcoming The Legend of Zelda Wii U title.

The artwork, found below, appears to depict the new blue-clad Link, riding what is likely the series’ signature horse Epona. We don’t know why exactly the protagonist of The Legend of Zelda has abandoned his usual green attire yet, due to Nintendo keeping the new game almost entirely hidden away, but it’s likely that we will learn more at E3 where there will be streamed gameplay and even the opportunity for some lucky fans to play the title early before anyone else.

The company will also run a Zelda-themed Twitter campaign which begins today and will see users working to gain Miitomo in-app gifts. Right now, the Nintendo of America Twitter account is ready to gift all users two unique Link-inspired headpieces if one of their campaign posts gets over 10,000 retweets. Also for Miitomo is a special The Legend of Zelda-themed Miitomo Drop which will launch June 14 for all users, allowing fans of the mobile social app to win more gear for their Mii.

zelda artwork

From 11:00AM on June 14, through to 8:59AM (Pacific Time), Nintendo will be offering a range of discounts on its most popular games on the Nintendo eShop. Any My Nintendo users who take advantage of the sale prices will be rewarded with a “special bonus”, though only on select games which have not yet been announced. As an additional incentive for My Nintendo users, anyone who has linked their Nintendo account to their Nintendo Network ID and have accessed the eShop at least once from their Nintendo device will be granted an extra discount.

According to the Big N’s E3 schedule, the company also plans to show off a range of non-Zelda products during the event. This includes new footage of Pokemon Sun and Moon, as well as the latest in the Monster Hunter franchise. There will also be a special Pokemon GO developer Q&A on June 15 at 10:00AM PT, which should help answer any questions that fans not involved in the field testing phase have about the game.

With The Legend of Zelda making it onto our list of 10 most anticipated games of E3, it’s fair to say that we’re pretty excited for next week. We will keep the site updated with all the latest E3-related news so be sure to check the site regularly for all the updates as they come in.

The Legend of Zelda is expected to release in 2017 for the Wii U, though rumors suggest we might see it as a launch title for the NX also.

Source: IGN