Nintendo World's 3DS Lineup Announced

Nintendo World 2011 3DS Lineup Announced

Word is that Nintendo has a big lineup planned for their Nintendo World event in a little under two weeks. This event will take place at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center in Japan starting on  January 8th and continuing on until January 10th. Nintendo World will be the first time that the general public will be able to play around with the highly-anticipated 3D handheld -- the 3DS.

This event will surely help Nintendo build a ton of hype before the system's launch, but what good would the 3DS be if potential consumers couldn't get their hands on its launch titles. Thank goodness Nintendo has announced a list detailing all of the games that will be making an appearance at Nintendo World, and they've also gone out of their way to confirm which ones will be playable and which will be tech demos of games in progress.

There's a total of 15 games that the general public will be able to play starting January 8th, which should keep individuals more than happy considering that even the press didn't get to play with even half of those titles when Nintendo let the media go hands-on with the 3DS at E3. The following list is the final list of games that will all be playable at Nintendo World next month:

As for all of the games that will be making a non-playable appearance as a tech demo, they can all be seen listed below:

The event in and of itself is very intriguing, not only for those who have yet to play the 3DS, but because it implies a launch window for the 3DS in the coming months. Nintendo World will hopefully provide some insight as to what games the 3DS will launch with, so that eager fans can pre-plan their launch day purchases. It's surely an amazing lineup of software that will be shown off, but some games that have been excluded as playable demos is puzzling.

One title in particular that should be playable is Star Fox 64 3D, which was playable at E3, but Nintendo must have its reasons for excluding the game this time around. What is Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater the "auto-demo"? An interactive trailer perhaps? It's unknown now, but everything should be made very clear when Nintendo World kicks-off on January 8th.

Which games do you think will launch with the 3DS? What games aren't on the list that you would have loved to see more of? *cough* Mega Man Legends 3 *cough* Stay tuned to Game Rant for more news from Nintendo World and everything else in the world of gaming.

Source: 1up (via Nintendo of Japan)

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