Nintendo Announces Wii U Software Showcase for E3 2013

Wii U Software Showcase

Fear not Nintendo fans: while the house that Mario built will not be holding a proper E3 2013 press conference, the publisher will be unveiling their exciting new products at a special event. Earlier today, Nintendo announced what they are calling the Wii U Software Showcase, a special event that will take place before the show floor officially opens.

The Wii U Software Showcase will be hosted by Nintendo COO Reggie Fils-Aime and Zelda maestro Shigeru Miyamoto, and will offer hands-on playtime to select members of the press. In essence, it's a mini-press conference and a booth tour rolled into one single event.

When Nintendo announced they were forgoing an E3 press conference, they also revealed plans for two smaller events. While Nintendo has not made any official announcements, it's relatively safe to assume this Wii U Software Showcase is one of them. Whether or not the festivities will be broadcast on TV or over the Internet, however, is unclear, but fans should expect more details as we near E3 in June.

Although Nintendo will still have a show presence throughout E3's 3-day festivities, they are touting this Software Showcase as something unique — a chance for gamers to get even closer to the games than before:

“This year, Nintendo is taking a different approach to E3. We’re giving you the chance to get closer to the games through a unique hands-on experience at our booth before the show opens.”

As far as what games press can expect at the Wii U Showcase, fans needn't look any further than Nintendo's previous announcements regarding E3. A new 3D Mario, a new Mario Kart, and Pikmin 3 were all promised in playable form, while games like a new HD Zelda and a new Super Smash Bros. should pop up in some form or another.

Wii U Software Showcase Invite

So, although there will be no press conference, Nintendo will still (for better or worse) dominate the early morning E3 conversation with whatever they unveil. With Wii U sales showing a downward trend, Nintendo needs to give gamers reason(s) to be excited, especially considering both Microsoft and Sony will be showing off next-gen consoles and games. Hopefully this Wii U Software Showcase can set the tone for a great latter half of 2013.

What do you hope to see at Nintendo's Wii U Software Showcase? What must the publisher show in order to get fans excited?


Source: IGN

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