Nintendo first unveiled the Nintendo Wii U last summer at E3 2011 although it’s safe to say it’s difficult to qualify the presentation as an “unveiling.” The actual design of the console wasn’t officially showcased and there were no details on pricing or a release date. This E3, we got hands-on with a variety of launch titles but Nintendo was still hesitant on revealing the key details that consumers demand.

Today in New York, Nintendo is opening the doors and confirming all of the details the industry has been waiting patiently for. Read on for the Wii U release date, pricing and contents of the two Nintendo Wii U sets hitting retail this fall.

The Wii U unsurprisingly will ship in the two colors we’ve seen the device demo’d in: white and black. The white is for the Basic Set ($299.99) and for the black Deluxe Set, it’s $349.99. These will be available for North America in 66 days as Reggie Fils-Aime puts it, on Sunday, November 18, 2012. (Japan Wii U pricing and release date was revealed last night). Let’s see what you get with each:

Nintendo Wii U Basic Set

Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set

Each package ships with only one GamePad controller (and no pro controller) input although we know from E3 2012 that the console does support two (however, it slows the frame rate). Also note that there are no Wii accessories included and that’s very intentional since the Wii U is compatible with most Wii accessories and games. As Nintendo proudly explains, they’ve sold over 100 million Wii remotes in North America and over 60 million Nunchuks, meaning the market is already full of them.

For consumers who do want or need new Wii Remotes or Nunchuks, Wii U branded ones will be available, sold separately.

So, we now know for sure when and for how much. Are you going to pick up either set?

Source: Nintendo Direct

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