As previously speculated, the Nintendo Wii may be price dropping as the looming release of the Wii U drawers nearer. One photo reveals it all, and if true, after E3 2012, the Wii should reach as low as $99.

It was only a year ago when we first learned that the Wii would eventually drop down from $199 to $149. And it was about this time last year that Wii sales hit record lows in Japan. If this price drop is confirmed, than it may look as though Nintendo wants one last big push before the Wii U launches this holiday season. Especially with the Wii U possibly debuting at a higher price point of over $300, more than the Wii’s $249 launch price, why wouldn’t Nintendo want to try and ride the gravy train of the Wii while they still can?

This news tip comes from a reader of Nintendo Connect who snapped a photo of a price sheet at a Kmart. According to the chart, we may see the Wii go down to $99.99 sometime in the third quarter. And to say the console will be on clearance makes it sound like a cheap throw away toy that has been long forgotten — harsh.

Nintendo Wii Price Drops 2012 Q3

Realistically, the price drop makes sense and it shouldn’t come as a shock. There are some retailers, like Target, who have put the Wii up for $129 with Just Dance 3, or they offer the system bundle for $149 and give a $20 gift card. Putting the price at $99 seems reasonable, but will they price drop the controllers and accessories as well? Two Wii Remote Plus controllers would almost equal the cost of the system bundle with the new price.

This price could potentially just be a Kmart promotion too. We’ve seen stores like GameStop, who put out the PS3 for a temporary low price of $199 for just a week. This new photo evidence definitely fuels the fire of the current generation console competition – with a speculated PS3 price drop at E3 2012 and Microsoft offering the Xbox 360 for $99 with a Xbox Live contract, Nintendo will most likely follow suit.

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Source: Nintendo Connect

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