10 Hidden Gems On The Nintendo Wii

Despite its reputation as a shovelware machine, the Nintendo Wii had its share of classics. Titles like Super Mario GalaxyThe Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Skyward SwordNo More Heros, and Wii Sports brought gamers together with fun and unique ways to play. With such a large library, however, a few games fell through the cracks.

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In fact, there were some unforgettable experiences on Nintendo's motion control console that just never went mainstream. Part of this was thanks to their niche-nature, but for those who took the chance were not disappointed. So, with that in mind, here are 10 Hidden Gems On The Nintendo Wii.

10 A Boy And His Blob

A Boy and His Blob is an adorable reimagining of the 1989 cult classic A Boy and His Blob: Trouble In Blobolonia. The story focuses on Blob, whose home planet, Blobolonia, is in trouble. Looking to save his world, he travels to Earth where he finds a boy. Together, they work their way through various puzzles, using beans to transform Blob into various objects as the two strengthen their friendship.

With a hand-drawn art style, the game is absolutely adorable, but don't let its aesthetic fool you, a lot of thought went into its puzzles. For anyone who is a fan of 2D platformers, this game will be right up your alley, just be prepared for a cuteness overload.

9 Battalion Wars 2

Nintendo's Wars series is one of their best. Fans will lament about Advanced Wars — the hand-held version of the series — but Battalion Wars II on the Wii brought everything fans loved about those Game Boy Advanced/DS titles and puts them on a home console.

Picking up after the first Battalion Wars, the sequel mixes classic RTS elements with actual third-person shooter action. Players are forced to think about their next move, all while actively taking part in battles, making it one of the more varied experiences on the Wii.

8 The Conduit 1 & 2

It's kind of strange to think, especially considering the nature of the Wii, that there are only a handful of first-person shooters on the console. Still, the Wii had a need and Sega tried to fill it with the Conduit series. Taking place in the near future, aliens have invaded Washington D.C., using Conduits — portals — to send their troops around the city.

Players take control of agent Michael Ford, who is employed by a secret government agency trying to stop the invasion. Since both games aren't all that different from one another — and the sequel's plot starts where the last one ends — we're going to put both on this list. Overall, it was an interesting franchise that really made the Wii feel like a hardcore system.

7 Sin And Punishment: Star Successor

As a sequel to the equally underrated Nintendo 64 game, Sin and PunishmentStar Successor lets players take control of the son of the characters from the previous title, who is caught in the middle of an ever-growing war between Inner and Outer Space. But the plot isn't why you're playing this one.

Instead, players are treated to some fantastic on-rails shooting that blends third-person action like Space Harrier with bullet-hell titles like Ikaruga. It's fun, full of action, and has a pretty rewarding learning curve. Its genre may make this game a little less interesting for some, as it's is pretty niche, but it's worth a try for almost everyone.

6 Dead Space Extraction

It's strange to put a Dead Space title on a "Hidden Gems" list, but this spin-off rail-shooter was criminally underrated on the Wii. The 2009 title released in an era of Nintendo's console when publishers were testing the waters with "M"-rated games, but instead of offering big-time titles, they contributed more niche products. For the general public, that was a big thumbs down, but for hardcore gamers looking for varied experiences, it was great. For that crowd, there probably isn't a better game than Dead Space: Extraction.

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Taking place before the events of the original game, players are thrown into absolute chaos when a colony is infected by a swarm of Necromorphs. Unlike the other games in the series, however, the game takes advantage of the Wii's motion controls with rail-shooter action that keeps some of the paces of a traditional horror game. The only difference is the main character cannot move, giving each battle a sense of dread and urgency.

5 Deadly Creatures

Deadly Creatures is a really cool concept: Players jump between a tarantula and a scorpion as they take on a variety of larger predators. While there is a plot involving two archeologists looking for American Civil War gold, that's not why you're picking this game up. Instead, players love the combat system that is heavy on the combo side, all while utilizing motion controls in a fresh way.

Developed exclusively for the Wii, Deadly Creatures really takes advantage of the unique technology Nintendo has to offer, making it unlike most games available on other consoles. Unfortunately, a rather bland cover and lackluster visuals held Deadly Creatures back from being a smash-success on the console.

4 MadWorld

With a distinct lack of Mature-rated games on the Wii, Sega decided they'd step into that role, releasing a handful of edgier titles. The best one out of the lot, however, was MadWorld. This 3D beat 'em up places players in the shoes of Jack Cayman in Varrigan City after criminals overrun the place, turning the entire area into a murder-gameshow. Equipped with his trusty chainsaw-arm, Cayman must fight through hoards of enemies, killing them in the most creative ways possible to rack up the points.

MadWorld is all-out action and its gameplay, which encourages players to get creative with their environment, is as rewarding as it is fun. With a black, white, and red color scheme, the game has a Sin City look to it. MadWorld is one of the most unique games of its generation and should be played by anyone with a Wii.

3 Red Steel 2

As a sequel to the mixed reviewed Wii launch title, gamers were put off when Ubisoft announced Red Steel 2. Yet, when the game launched, we got what is probably the best argument for Wii Motion Plus.

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As a first-person action game, players are given a variety of weaponry in the cell-shaded desert setting. Equal parts exhilarating and stunning, Red Steel 2 mixes all-out action, intuitive game design, and artistry in what is one of the best games on the system.

2 Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

When Wii gamers heard about Tatsunoko Vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, they were equal parts confused and excited. Tatsunoko — a Japanese animation company — isn't necessarily a household name in North America, but a lack of fighting games outside of Super Smash Bros. and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up left a void in the hearts of many Wii gamers. So, Capcom swooped in and offered a legitimate competitive game that played just like the popular Marvel Vs Capcom series, just with a few more unique names.

The result was something special and it really felt like something that could only happen on the Wii. The marketing for this game was all-out too, with actual Wii-arcade sticks being offered alongside the title.

1 Muramasa: The Demon Blade

When it comes to titles on the Wii, Muramasa: The Demon Blade is unlike any other. It's a hack-and-slash RPG with dual-intertwined storylines based on Japanese folklore, and it's every part as breathtaking as it is rewarding. Taking place in the Edo Period of Japan, players are given the choice to play as either Momohime, a woman possessed by an angry spirit, or Kisuke, a Ninja with no recollection of his past. The two traverse Honshu trying to collect the mythological Demon Blades in a race against the evil Emperor.

Part RPG and part Metroidvania, Muramasa: The Demon Blade's combat can get repetitive; however, the battles never really get boring. Most of that is thanks to the insane amount of detail that goes into each enemy's design, along with the beautiful artistic backgrounds that could pass as fixtures in an exhibit.

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