Wii 2/Project Cafe Mock-Ups Hit the Web [Updated]

Nintendo Project Cafe Images

Ever since word on Nintendo's next-generation console leaked out all over the internet, people haven't only been wondering what the games will look like on the new system, but what the console itself could possibly look like, especially its controller designs.

It was really only a matter of time before fan-made mock-ups started hitting the web, and the first image of an eventual cubic ton has been released. While the fan renditions of Nintendo's new console don't give us much insight into what the final product will look like, they are a lot of fun to look at and see which direction the Wii 2's design could go.

The first alleged images of Nintendo's Project Cafe have been introduced via the infamous hooligans of 4Chan. The concepts are of a very basic design and take all the rumors that have been floating around to heart, recreating what you would expect the console and its controller to look like quite accurately. There is the new controller with a touch screen in the middle, as well as dual joysticks that correspond with news on Nintendo's unannounced control pad. There is also a picture of the "new console", and it looks like what pretty much everyone expects.

[Update: The Wii 2 might be called the 'Nintendo Stream' - Click here for tech specs and release date.]

You can see a gallery of the three Wii 2 images just below.

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It's a pretty accurate rendition of what the common expectations are of the new system design, but odds are that these images will end up vastly different than the final product with each Nitendo console taking a vastly different design than its predecessor. The controller also looks quite wide and seems like it would be a little uncomfortable to hold in your hands if that it were indeed designed exactly like these mock-ups. Hopefully Nintendo finally steps up and clears the air of all these rumors before speculation on their new console gets too out of hand. I think it's safe to say that E3 really can't come soon enough.

What do you think of the Wii 2's design in these pictures? What would you change about them?


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Source: 4Chan (via TechnoBuffalo)

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