Leaked Wii 2 Image & Controller Details

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Big news broke yesterday about the Nintendo Wii 2. We already know the new Nintendo console will not have “Wii” in its title, but for simplicity sake we’ll refer to it as that until an official substitute is announced. Apparently, the new system is codenamed ‘Project Cafe’ and yesterday we found out that one of the names they’re considering – if they haven’t chosen already – is the Nintendo Stream.

We covered the name, tech specs and potential release date yesterday, as well as some Nintendo Wii 2 mock-up images which we thought were fake, but new “leaked” image has surfaced matching those first images.

If you’re still doubting the rumors and don’t think Nintendo is working on a new console, stop. Mr. Miyamoto confirmed it himself, but tell us and the rest of the world to be patient on the official announcement.

Until then, let’s take a look at what we do have. The following design sketches/mock-ups hit the web yesterday, depicting a console unit not too similar in shape to the Wii 2 but seemingly larger. With it were controller designs with the built-in touch screen but with a 6.2″ screen, they looked a tad awkward. Whatever it ends up being, it’ll probably make more sense than the N64 controller layout.

Nintendo Wii 2 Controller

Nintendo Project Cafe Images

While the common thought is that these are fake, they do follow the outlined design elements listed so far from the “inside sources.” Yesterday’s news said it would look like a modern SNES and this follows that. Now, let’s move on to the latest leaked image which looks exactly like the concepts above [Click to Enlarge]:

Nintendo Wii 2 Stream Design

Now, some people are either getting very creative or this is the design of Project Cafe/Wii 2/Nintendo Stream.

As for the controllers, the images above may very well be accurate as well. Here are some new details on that front from Kotaku:

  • 6.2″ touchscreen.
  • Controller has 8 buttons.
  • Not a replacement for Wiimote and not all games need it.
  • Wii 2 might be able to use Wii controllers – either way it will have controllers of that type.
  • Two players can be using two different controllers at same time – for new types of gameplay?
  • System streams data to controller screen.
  • Controller camera can be used to take photos, put in game while you play – another offering for innovative gameplay.

Imagine playing Call of Duty on a Nintendo console and placing a camera down, letting you see the camera’s perspective through your controller while your TV is your main view. Same goes for controller vehicles, remotes, etc.

I can certainly see lots of developers taking advantage of that.

What do you think of the potential designs and controller functions?

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Sources: Gamertag Radio, Kotaku

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