New Nintendo Controller Details: Touchscreen & Motion Controls

Nintendo Wii 2 HD Controller Touch Screen

While it's not yet official, seemingly everyone and their "sources" have been able to confirm and re-confirm that Nintendo is on the verge of officially announcing their next new home console. According to the reports, they will do this before E3 and then do the full, detailed unveiling at their E3 press conference, likely on June 5th.

What's been "confirmed" thus far are that the new Nintendo system will obviously be HD capable, and that Nintendo has a goal in mind of appealing to the hardcore western gamer. It will reportedly be more powerful than both the Xbox 360 and PS3 and it will also introduce a brand new controller design, one which people are now saying will include an HD touch-screen.

Last night, CVG reported that the new Nintendo console (Wii 2?) controller design will include an HD screen and today, IGN has learned that the screen is in fact, a touch screen. They have the tech from the DS and 3DS, so why not.

Edge and their sources discussed the motion control capabilities of the new Nintendo console, citing that the system will again support motion controls, but this time "better than Move." This would seem to indicate that Nintendo is not going the button-less, controller-free route as Microsoft has done with the Xbox 360 Kinect. There's also good reason to assume that the new console, like the Wii, will have both a motion controller as well as a standard controller with dual joysticks for getting in on the "hardcore" games.

French site, 01net, published a breakdown of details regarding the unit and its controller, describing the motion controller as a tablet of sorts with a six inch screen and built-in camera. They also say its screen is not HD (less than 720p) and it will support only "modest" graphics, conflicting with reports from IGN and CVG. We'll dig into this and report back with more details shortly!


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Sources: Edge, IGN, 01net

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