Nintendo has been trying to get all of their previously announced services up and running on the Nintendo 3DS recently, and while they did finally make Netflix available on the system last week, there was still one video service that was M.I.A. in North America. A new video service called Nintendo Video launched in Australia, Japan, and Europe last week, but 3DS owners in North America were left with a very vague promise that they would receive the service “later this summer.” It seems that what Nintendo meant to say was that it would be available in less than two weeks, because Nintendo Video is now available.

The new service hit the eShop late last night/early this morning, and it’s actually a very cool little feature on the handheld. The app features SpotPass updates, so that gamers will be able to receive and download new videos while the system is in sleep mode. A maximum of four videos can be stored on Nintendo Video at one time, and when new videos are downloaded they will automatically replace one of the four videos currently on the 3DS.

The new service launched with a grand total of four videos — all of which can be viewed in 3D. The videos released thus far are a great example of the kind of content 3DS owners have to look forward to in the future. The first batch of content includes the following:

  • PassmoreLab’s Sunday Jog
  • College Humor’s Dinosaur Office
  • A trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger
  • A teaser trailer for the Nintendo Video service

Out of the four (essentially three) videos, there is something worth checking out. Sunday Jog is an entertaining romp featuring two rectangular cubes, and it’s fairly entertaining. College Humor’s Dinosaur Office was pretty funny, and fans of the group are sure to enjoy that (I certainly did). The Captain America teaser was certainly entertaining in 3D, and it did what it was intended to — get me excited for the actual film.

Nintendo Video is a cool service that shows what the 3DS is capable of, but it’s really only an appetizer until Nintendo rolls out a 3D movie and television service on the handheld. Whether or not that will be possible thanks to Netflix is still unknown, but hopefully Nintendo announces their plans for such a service in the near future.

Have you gotten a chance to try out the new service? If so, what did you think?

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