The beloved video game company Nintendo and famed shoe maker Vans have teamed up to release a brand new line of footwear based on iconic games like Mario, Zelda, and Duck Hunt.

Something that many gamers are well aware of is the fact that Nintendo is a rather fickle corporation when it comes to outside relationships. As a company that’s known for being notoriously stingy with its intellectual properties in regards to television and film – something which can be considered a big value following the critical response of the live-action Super Mario Bros. movie – there have still been plenty of odd-ball partnerships established during the company’s existence.

One of the more bizarre pairings in recent memory stemmed from the promotional alliance between Nintendo and Mercedes-Benz. Although that was an interesting collaboration, it would seem that the crazy crossovers aren’t over yet, as the Big N is back at it again with Vans. While the end of that last sentence featured a light joke, however, the fact that Nintendo and Vans are partnering up to release a brand new series of kicks is not part of it. Furthermore, gamers and shoe aficionados alike won’t be waiting that long to go feet-on with Ninty’s latest cross-promotional offspring.

nintendo vans nes controller shoes

Arriving later this June, the new shoes are set to appear in a number of different styles, although most of them pertain to the NES-era of the house of Mario. Featuring designs based on Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Duck Hunt, and even the NES controller itself, there’s no question that followers of the 8-bit era will be pleased with the selection of footwear. Of course, there are also two others that offer a splash of the more modern renditions of Nintendo‘s biggest mascots, coming in both ‘Princes Peach’ and ‘Mario and Friends’ flavors.

As of this writing, there are currently no prices set for any variants of these shoes – which makes sense given that there are still more coming from this collection. Even without a firm price point, these are sure to be in high demand, though, and there’s no telling just how hard they’ll be to find upon their release. In the meantime, those hoping to catch a glimpse at some of the collection can check out the informal gallery below.

nintendo vans donkey kong sneakers

nintendo vans duck hunt sneakers

nintendo vans sneakers zelda

nintendo vans sneakers

nintendo vans super mario shoes

nintendo vans peach sneakers

Which pair of Nintendo-approved Vans do you like the most? Do you think you’ll pick up a set after they arrive later this June? Get at us in the comments.

Source: Sole Collector (via NintendoLife)

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