Nintendo Unveils Super Mario Galaxy 2 Galaxy List

By | 6 years ago 

With the launch of Super Mario Galaxy 2 three days away, Nintendo just added to the growing anticipation by releasing a finalized galaxy list.  The list confirms the existence of six distinct worlds with seven galaxies apiece and a seventh Special World, suggesting lots of gameplay variance and loads of enjoyment.

What am I waiting for?  Let’s take a peek at the list:

World 1:

  • Sky Station Galaxy
  • Yoshi Star Galaxy
  • Spin-Dig Galaxy
  • Fluffy Buff Galaxy
  • Flip-Swap Galaxy
  • Rightside Down Galaxy (This one sounds nauseatingly awesome)
  • Bowser Jr.’s Fiery Flotilla

World 2:

  • Puzzle Plank Galaxy
  • Hightail Falls Galaxy
  • Boulder Bowl Galaxy
  • Cosmic Cove Galaxy
  • Wild Glide Galaxy
  • Honeybloom Galaxy (The return of Bee Mario?)
  • Bowser’s Lava Lair

World 3:

  • Tall Trunk Galaxy
  • Cloudy Court Galaxy
  • Haunty Halls Galaxy (I shake my fist at you, King Boo)
  • Freezy Flake Galaxy
  • Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy (My personal favorite)
  • Beat Block Galaxy
  • Bowser Jr.’s Fearsome Fleet

World 4:

  • Supermassive Galaxy (A classic big/little revision?)
  • Flipsville Galaxy
  • Starshine Beach Galaxy
  • Chompworks Galaxy (I dread this one)
  • Sweet Mystery Galaxy (Delicious cake?)
  • Honeyhop Galaxy
  • Bowser’s Gravity Gauntlet

World 5:

  • Space Storm Galaxy
  • Slipsand Galaxy
  • Shiverburn Galaxy
  • Boo Moon Galaxy
  • Upside Dizzy Galaxy (Another one not for weak-stomached)
  • Fleet Guide Galaxy
  • Bowser Jr.’s Boom Bunker

World 6:

  • Melty Monster Galaxy
  • Clockwork Ruins Galaxy
  • Throwback Galaxy (We will revisit side-scrolling Mario here?)
  • Battle Belt Galaxy
  • Flash Black Galaxy
  • Slimy Spring Galaxy
  • Bowser’s Galaxy Generator

Special World

  • Mario Squared Galaxy (I was told there would be no math)
  • Rolling Coaster Galaxy
  • Twisty Trials Galaxy
  • Stone Cyclone Galaxy
  • Boss Blitz Galaxy
  • Flip-Out Galaxy
  • Grandmaster Galaxy (The fabled “final level” after all stars are unlocked)

If the list by itself isn’t enough to make you excited about this game, check out some of the gameplay trailers here.  Or, if you’re feeling a bit more nostalgic, have a look at Steve’s retrospective on the original Super Mario Galaxy.  From the list, what galaxy are you looking forward to the most?

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is gravitating to your Wii this Sunday, so get your copy pre-ordered!

Source:  NintendoEverything