Nintendo Switch Yellow Joy-Con Controllers, Battery Pack Arrive in June


Nintendo is set to release yellow Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers this summer – along with a brand new battery pack peripheral that further extends the battery life of the remotes. The hardware news is just one of several big announcements the company made during its Nintendo Direct livestream earlier this week.

During the stream, Nintendo confirmed that neon yellow Joy-Con controllers will go on sale on June 16, 2017 for $80 a pair. Neon yellow straps will also be available to match, though they'll cost an extra $8. These yellow Joy-Cons, in all of their bumblebee-esque glory, are the third bright and bold color option for the controllers, with Neon Red and Neon Blue Joy-Con having been made available alongside the console's launch last month.

In addition to these new Joy-Con, Nintendo has also announced that a Joy-Con battery pack will be available too. Pictured below, this battery pack is powered by AA batteries and attaches to the underside of each controller. It's currently unclear how much extra juice the battery pack provides, though it is expected to be available in Japan for ¥3,280 – which is around $30 USD at the current exchange rate.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con battery pack

While many will be glad to see that Nintendo is supporting its new console with hardware as well as a growing line-up of games, there are some big questions about this upcoming technology. For example, will these Joy-Con remotes suffer from sync issues as the launch stock of Joy-Con did? Although Nintendo fixed that particular problem with a small piece of foam, it's fair to fear that this may not have been enough to stop the problem from cropping up again.

Some investors may also want to know whether the manufacturing process for the controllers has changed so that Nintendo stops losing money on each Joy-Con sold. Otherwise, Nintendo will just continue to lose funds once these yellow variants begin flying off of shelves.

Moreover, some have questioned why a battery pack is needed at all, saying that the Joy-Con battery life is great as it is. Though, with the likes of ARMS, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and other Nintendo Switch multiplayer games set to launch soon, some players may want to guarantee that they have enough battery left to keep playing with and against their friends.

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