Nintendo Switch X-ray Radiograph Lays Internals Bare

Nintendo Switch X-ray Radiograph

A Redditor has taken an X-ray radiograph of the Nintendo Switch, providing a unique look at the home/handheld console hybrid. The image captures a view of the Nintendo Switch, which is still whole and functional, with all of its internal components laid bare for the world to see. While the radiograph doesn't necessarily provide any detail or knowledge not already known from Switch teardowns, it does make for a beautiful picture.

Breakdowns of the Nintendo Switch reveal that the large circular object at the center of the image is the console's main fan. To the left is the console's large battery, not a secret internal monitor like it may seem. That of course leaves the Switch's major components, CPU and GPU, in the bottom and top right. The imaging of the JoyCons are somewhat less informative, only showing recognizable detail around the joysticks.

Even without going into specific detail regarding what the X-ray radiograph shows inside the Switch, there's no argument that the image itself is quite beautiful. Most Nintendo Switch owners will only ever see the smooth, perfunctory design of the outside of the console, never guessing at the art of the internal design. Every chip, capacitor, and wire within the Switch had to be organized in a perfect manner to support the goals of the platform. It's a neat reminder of the effort Nintendo went to to bring the Switch to life.

A radiograph of the Nintendo Switch also provides unique opportunities for the Nintendo community. As soon as someone had posted the radiograph, a request had been posted for someone to create a mock-up of what a transparent purple, Game Boy Color-inspired version of the Switch would look like. It only took a few hours for another user to post it. As expected, it looks pretty impressive. More than that, it definitely looks like something Nintendo could release rather easily, since it'd just be a new pair of JoyCons rather than a complete Switch redesign.

The Nintendo Switch is currently available for purchase, though stock is in extremely short supply.

Source: Reddit

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