Redditor claiming to be a Walmart employee shares sticker price online that reveals the big-box retailer is selling Nintendo Switch pre-orders for $400.

With Nintendo’s big Nintento Switch event lined up for tomorrow, gamers are anxiously awaiting the details about the newest Nintendo console. Among the information gamers expect to receive about the Nintendo Switch are price, specific release date, more details specs, and launch titles.

However, it seems Walmart may have jumped the gun a little with one important bit of information: the price. According to a photo shard to Reddit, the big-box retail store is taking pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch at the cost of $399, which is much higher than both gamers and analysts expected for the Nintendo Switch.

Of course, gamers need to take this with a grain of salt until the price is officially revealed by Nintendo, but the fact that Walmart is apparently preparing to sell the Switch for such a high price is concerning. At $400, the Nintendo Switch would cost the same as the PS4 Pro, and $100 more than Xbox One S. It’s already been rumored that Nintendo Switch is less powerful than the PlayStation 4, a console that is also available for $300.


While gamers are hoping for a solid lineup of titles on Nintendo Switch, the potential $400 price tag is daunting and, if true, could seriously injure the console’s potential sales.

As far as the sticker goes, the Redditor who shared it claims to work at the retailer and says the tag just dropped into their system. The tag has yesterday’s date, which aligns fairly well with this week’s event from Nintendo, but the low quality of the photo may also mean it’s been faked in an effort to create false fear among gamers.

One of the biggest arguments against a $400 price tag are that the console likely isn’t powerful enough to handle many current-generation titles, which means any third-party titles coming to the console will need to be lower-quality ports from current-gen systems or games from years past. Additionally, industry analysts out of Japan claim the console will be available for less than $250. This seems to fit closer to the console-handheld hybrid’s potential considering its uniqueness and capabilities.


Fortunately, gamers won’t have to wait too long to learn the truth about the Nintendo Switch’s price. Nintendo will likely open up pre-orders for Nintendo Switch once its event is complete tomorrow, but hopefully the price for those pre-orders will be lower than the leaked $400.

What do you think about the Walmart tag claiming Nintendo Switch will be $400?

Nintendo Switch is set to release March 2017.