As the window between now and official launch day grows narrower, the Nintendo Switch is gaining more and more attention in equal proportions. When the versatile console was first announced, fans secured all available pre-order units, leaving those still hoping to purchase one seemingly out of luck. However, although all early purchase consoles are out of stock, Walmart has announced it will have plenty of Nintendo Switch consoles available on release day.

Today, Walmart confirmed that its shelves will be stocked with the Nintendo Switch when the console launches worldwide this Friday, March 3. The global retail giant joins two other top companies that are promising the Nintendo Switch to those who missed out on nabbing one during the tiny pre-order window. Both Best Buy and GameStop are offering Switch consoles upon release, with the former giving Switch hopefuls a chance to purchase one at midnight on Friday.

The company made the official announcement earlier (via Polygon), detailing which Walmart centers the console will be available at and which Joy-Con controller colors will be in stock: “Starting at 12:01 a.m. (local time) on Friday, March 3, the Nintendo Switch will be available at Walmart Supercenters across the country for $299. Walmart will have the system available in gray, red and blue colors.”

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While most Walmart Supercenters are open 24 hours a day, the retailer did, however, advise those looking to purchase a Nintendo Switch on launch day to contact their preferred local Walmart location to see if consoles will be available for purchase beginning at midnight. Certain centers do not open until later in the morning hours, meaning some gamers will have to wait it out to pick up a Switch this Friday.

As of writing, Walmart has not confirmed allotments for any store, but hopeful Switch owners should expect to arrive early and wait in line to secure a console. Lines and procedures can get hectic for midnight launches, so being as close to the front of the line is best.

Securing a Switch upon initial announcement was difficult enough, with countless Nintendo fans craving to call the console their own, but the recent news that Target had cancelled Switch pre-orders due to stock shortage has made the process even more complicated.

This left many fans questioning where to buy a Nintendo Switch. Outside of having trouble simply ensuring consumers can actually receive the console upon launch, Nintendo has come under fire for numerous alleged issues with the Switch. Early access reviewers and preview players have reported a short Switch battery life and that the Joy-Con controllers have sync problems.

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Although the road towards release has been rocky at best, it hasn’t seemed to hinder fans’ overall excitement for the console on the whole. Games like Yooka-LayleeSnipperclips, and Dragon Quest Heroes (despite its massive file size that’s larger than the Switch’s internal memory) have players on the edge of their seats, and its recently-announced capability that allows up to 10 consoles to connect locally has interests piqued.

Whether it is down to a small stockpile or entirely too conservative early estimates, it appears that all players are in agreement that the Big N will find a way to remedy the bumps in the road prior to release day on March 3. Which is a great thing, as dozens of big-ticket titles like The Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and 1-2-Switch (along with the 17 new indie games) are set to hit the console the very same day. With customer demand at a very apparent sky-high level, the next move toward a total launch day success is entirely Nintendo’s.

The Nintendo Switch launches March 3, 2017.

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