Nintendo Switch Update 9.0 Available Now

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The Nintendo Switch has gone through many updates at this point, including physical Switch model updates as well as regular software updates. This is the case with any hardware developer who wants to continually improve on their product, and Nintendo has now updated their Switch console with Version 9.0, which updates the console with several functionalities.

Previously, in the Nintendo Switch's previous Version 8.0 update, the successful hybrid console was given an immense change in the ability to transfer saves between Switch consoles. Once this happens, the transferred save data on will only be available on the Switch to which it was transferred but not the Switch from which it was transferred. Version 8.0 also introduced a sorting feature for software based on different factors, like time played, and stability improvements, among other additions.

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An update has been made to Alarm Notifications as well, where pre-set alarms can be deleted or checked. Screen sensitivity settings have also been added, meaning that Switch owners can decide whether they want "Standard" sensitivity or "Stylus" sensitivity. As implied, the latter sensitivity is made exclusivity for styluses.

There will now also be "Online Play Invites." As is the case on other consoles and PC gaming platforms, Online Play Invites entail a section that can be accessed within supported software in order to see and accept invites to join friends in online games.

Like all updates for the Switch, Version 9.0 is generally downloaded automatically, though to do it manually, one must simply navigate to the System Settings menu and find the prompt at the top right-hand corner of the screen to do so. The first listed update on Nintendo's website is with regards to the News channel, where channels can be found "using filters or free text."

The final thing to note in Version 9.0 is that there have been overall "system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience." The update notes also specifically mention a fix to an error in must-own Switch exclusive Fire Emblem: Three Houses where gamers received an error message when attempting to start the game, preventing them for doing so. Version 9.0 has fixed the bug, accoording to Nintendo.

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