Nintendo Switch Gets Major 8.0 Update

two new switch models in production rumor

Although it's been two years since Nintendo released the Switch, the hybrid console is still popular today with a new Star Wars game confirmed for September. Now, Nintendo released a new firmware update for the Switch, which introduced a plethora of new changes, including save transfers and a new sorting system.

The biggest change that update 8.0 is bringing to the system is the ability to transfer save data between Nintendo Switch consoles. To do this, players can just head to System Settings>Data Management>Transfer Your Save. Players must also remember that once the save data has been successfully transferred from one Switch to another, the data will be erased from the console of origin.

The sorting feature, on the other hand, will introduce more customization options such as organizing software by last played, time played, game name, and software publisher. Furthermore, a new zooming feature is also included in the latest update that will allow players to have a closer look of the screen. Players can toggle the zoom feature by pressing the home button twice.


Other changes brought about by the latest update include VR mode restrictions, new options for Sleep Mode, new game avatars from Splatoon 2 and Yoshi's Crafted World, addition of new countries for selection in Region, and general system stability improvements made to ensure smooth user experience.

As for when Nintendo plans to launch a new version of the Switch, the Japanese game company still hasn't revealed anything regarding the matter. However, several weeks ago, several news outlets claimed that Nintendo is planning to unveil two new Switch models by the end of the year. According to the report, one version would be a cheaper Switch console, similar to the Nintendo 2DS, and the other would be a premium version of the console, which may or may not be an XL iteration of the Switch.

As mentioned before, Nintendo is still silent regarding the rumors about new Switch versions. However, with all the rumors and speculations, and given that the Switch is already two years old, it is not surprising if Nintendo is planning some sort of reveal during the upcoming E3 this year.

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