Nintendo has released the latest System Update for the Nintendo Switch console, allowing players to download version 3.0.0 at their leisure. Update 3.0.0 includes several significant changes including a handful of interesting new features, though perhaps not as much as might be expected from a full numbered update.

First things first, here’s how the Nintendo Switch can be updated to the latest version. Many users may find that there’s no need for any manual effort to update their Nintendo Switch. If the platform has been left connected online for any extended duration of time without use, the console is capable of updating itself.

For those who prefer to power down their console while they’re not playing games, a manual update can be initiated by going into the System Settings menu. The current version will be listed therein, as well as a System Update button.

If the Nintendo Switch has yet to be updated and there’s no System Update button available, try resetting the console and confirming online connectivity.

Nintendo Switch System Update 3.0.0 Patch Notes - UI

System Update 3.0.0 includes a wide variety of new features and content, including customization additions like 6 new Splatoon 2 user icons, social features like adding friends from your other Nintendo platform friends’ lists, and a way to locate controllers by making them vibrate. The full list of changes and new features can be seen below.

  • Register a channel to receive News for specific games
  • Add friends from your Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Friend Lists
  • Receive notifications when your Friends go online
  • Find paired controllers within communication range by activating the vibration feature
  • Change the user icon order on the Home Menu
  • Select from 6 new Splatoon 2 characters for user icon
  • Change the system volume from the Quick Settings
  • Lower the maximum volume for headphone or speakers connected to the audio jack
  • Change display colors to Invert Colors or Grayscale
  • Connect a USB keyboard to the dock to type whenever the keyboard is on the screen
  • Use the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller via wired communication by connecting the USB charging cable
  • Update connected controllers
  • Added a feature that suggests deletion of software data if there is insufficient space when downloading other software

Finally, there are two more changes which were cataloged under Stability rather than System Functionality. The first claims to resolve an issue where software updates would fail and subsequently prevent the software from being started, an issue that often required updates be deleted and downloaded again.

The second doesn’t claim to fully resolve the issue, but says improvements have been made to an issue where TVs would change inputs after a docked Nintendo Switch would go into Sleep Mode. Hopefully those fixes will alleviate some stress for Switch owners.

Unfortunately there’s no news in this System Update regarding forthcoming online functionality or how the Nintendo Switch will connect to Nintendo’s mobile phone subscription service. Though considering Nintendo’s online service has been delayed, that shouldn’t be surprising. Expect more updates as Nintendo tries to hammer out as many issues as possible prior to the big holiday push tied into Mario Odyssey’s launch.

The Nintendo Switch is currently available at local retailers, though still in extremely limited quantity. Check out the official Nintendo Switch patch notes for instructions on how to use each new feature.

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