Thanks to a brand new video from Arekkz Gaming that has been published online today, fans can get a much better look and understanding of the UI, menus, and home screen for the Nintendo Switch before it officially releases next week. While previous clips detailing these features have provided a surface level exploration of what the system will offer up at launch – the UI video that spawned from consoles that were apparently stolen comes immediately to mind – Arekkz Gaming’s rundown gives a much more comprehensive analysis.

As seen in the video below, fans are given a good gander at all the available settings, options, and customizable features in the Nintendo Switch‘s user interface, which admittedly appears to have quite a sleek, clean design, and runs relatively quickly. Unfortunately, though, since the Switch has not been made available to the public yet, Arekkz is unable to show off aspects such as the news page, the eShop, the photo album for screenshots, and the friends list, as the system is still officially offline.

Although some features can’t be delved into in-depth, Arrekz first touches on the home menu where games will be stored, but since he has no games to show off, he then moves on to the controller options menu. It is there where players can change their grip order to alter the way the Joy-Cons are used, and to pair and sync more controllers should fans decide to do so.

Arrekz then moves on to the Nintendo Switch’s system settings, which offer a bevy of choices, including a flight mode, the ability to alter screen brightness, the capacity for screen locks, parental controls, as well as Internet and data management, with the latter menu displaying the console’s storage space, which can be expanded with micro SDXC cards. Not to mention, he touches on the Switch’s ability to let fans register and link amiibo figures, add multiple users, and even create Miis – despite the console lacking Miiverse.

Finally, Arrekz begins to wind down his coverage of the Nintendo Switch’s UI features by touching on the console’s white and black color themes for the menus, notifications, sleep mode, controller and sensor calibration, TV output options to change things like resolution, and the system page that displays the user’s preferred language, current region, and date and time. He officially wraps the video up by taking a look at the player profile page, which will house the friends list, user settings, and the ability to link a Nintendo account. Fans ought to expect to get an even better idea of the Switch features missing from Arekkz’s video once the console launches and its day one update is downloaded and applied.

The Nintendo Switch is set to release on March 3, 2017.

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