Following the first look at the Nintendo Switch’s user interface during an event last week, a new image showing the UI in portable mode surfaces.

The Nintendo Switch has been the buzz of the gaming world since its official presentation on January 12, gaining ever-increasing attention as rumors of new games, potential pitfalls, and additional functionalities have surfaced. What has caught many gamers’ attentions, however, are the glimpses at what the hybrid console will look like during actual gameplay.

Last week, fans were given a sneak peek at the Nintendo Switch‘s main menu and user interface during an official live-streaming event put on by Nintendo Treehouse. Today, a new image of the UI has surfaced, giving Nintendo Switch hopefuls an idea of what the console will look like in portable mode.

The new UI image was posted on American video game developer and publisher Nicalis’s official Twitter account. However, the tweet in which the photo was attached was deleted shortly after it was sent out. Knowing how quickly eager fans can screenshot and duplicate posts – especially ones regarding news and announcements on one of the biggest gaming releases of 2017 – it’s little surprise to hear that Nicalis was not quick enough in removing the tweet. Multiple users captured the new UI image.

nintendo switch ui
In terms of display, the new image does not seem to offer any options different to what was shown during last week’s Nintendo Switch Treehouse event. However, the first look at the Nintendo Switch UI offered a light background and the new image that has surfaced today shows a dark background. This has caused many over at NeoGAF to speculate that the Switch will offer both background options and perhaps corresponding menu themes.

Other details people have picked up on in the UI images are the options for quick access to recently played games, display options (including brightness), messages, and a built-in store. Perhaps the most intriguing detail is the “change user” option at the bottom of the screen, seen in the new user interface image. This may hint toward the possibility of the Switch supporting multiple users on one console, with the ability to toggle between a set number of profiles. The new image also includes the Nicalis titles The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+, 1001 Spikes, and Cave Story, which were confirmed for Nintendo Switch today.

While this new image of the Nintendo Switch UI does not necessarily indicate what the final version will look like or offer its players, it seems it is enough to swing excitement surrounding the console up once more. After recent news that multimedia functions will not be supported upon launch, in addition to the trouble some are running into when trying to pre-order the Switch, a fresh look at the UI may be exactly what players need to boost their spirits. Combine the new UI image surfacing with announcements that Super Smash Bros. may be available on Switch and more Zelda games could come to the console as well, and it seems positivity surrounding the Nintendo Switch is at an all-time high.

The Nintendo Switch will be released on March 3, 2017 for $299 USD.

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