With the Nintendo Switch barely more than a week away from launch, The Big N has sent out some early units for members of the media to get a look at. It didn’t take long for YouTuber Arrekz Gaming to discover a neat little Easter Egg with the portable console, and it’s one that trigger-happy gamers will find it almost immediately: while the device is on its lock screen, a select few buttons will play special sounds as opposed to the device’s default noises.

Those who opt to pick up the Nintendo Switch will soon discover that the satisfying click heard from all of Nintendo’s promotional videos is indeed a real thing, though we suspect not everyone would have decided to randomly mash buttons while on the lock screen. As it turns out, both the left and right sticks and the ZL/ZR buttons trigger the special noises, with each button getting its own unique sound.

Interested Nintendo fans can take a look at the video below to hear the Easter Egg for themselves:

While a lock screen may not be the most exciting aspect of the upcoming portable console, it’s a classic Nintendo move to add some personality to an otherwise mundane part of the technology. Gamers who want to see more of the device can take a look at the official unboxing video, and anyone planning on getting the device on launch day may as well go ahead and pre-register their account on the Nintendo website.

We’ve written a handy launch guide to show gamers everything they need to know about the Nintendo Switch, what it will have upon launch, and what The Big N has on the agenda for the upcoming calendar months. The lock screen having secrets is one thing, but we’re all excited to see what else the Nintendo Switch is hiding behind that 720P touchscreen.

The Nintendo Gamecube played different boot-up music depending on a combination of button presses, so who’s to say the Nintendo Switch won’t do the same?

The Nintendo Switch is due to launch on March 3, 2017.

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