New video showing off Skylanders Imaginators on Nintendo Switch also gives gamers a glimpse at the console’s touchscreen capabilities and functionality.

Since it was first announced a few months ago, gamers have waited anxiously for any details about the Nintendo Switch. While Nintendo did provide plenty of information during its January event, there are still a handful of details yet to be revealed for the console-handheld hybrid device.

In a new video, YouTuber GamingWithMe shows off the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen capabilities. While the touchscreen gameplay isn’t expansive, it is enough to give gamers an idea for the touchscreen’s abilities and limitations.

As the video shows, the touchscreen on the Nintendo Switch is extremely responsive and easy to use. And despite getting relegated to 720p on the handheld, the visuals are stunning, with crisp lines and plenty of detail. Jump to 6:35 for footage of the touchscreen.

The gamer who handled the Nintendo Switch mentions that the touchscreen didn’t work with every game he played. Rather, it seems the touchscreen is only active for certain games or screens, or there may even be some kind of on-off switch for the touchscreen. Whether there’s a physical button or setting within the Nintendo Switch that allows users to turn the touchscreen on or off would be very handy. Hopefully that’s implemented into the device somehow.

It’s interesting that Nintendo hasn’t done much to show off the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen capabilities, especially considering the tech difference between the new console and the Wii U and 3DS. Where the older Nintendo devices used resistive screens for touchscreen functionality, the Nintendo Switch uses capacitive touch, which should make for easier control and navigation of the console’s UI, and better sensitivity to player use.

The video also shows off how quickly the Nintendo Switches between console and handheld when placed into or removed from the dock. According to the gamer’s experience with it, the gaming device switches in about three seconds either way. That’s a pretty quick change and should make it easy for gamers to quickly move from TV to handheld without much issue.

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It’s currently unclear which Nintendo Switch games will utilize the touchscreen, but the video seems to confirm Skylander Imaginators as one of the titles. Skylander Imaginators will be one of the Nintendo Switch’s launch games, alongside the highly anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and a handful of others.

It’ll be interesting to see how useful the Nintendo Switch touchscreen is, both when navigating the system and playing games.

What do you think about the touchscreen capabilities of the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is set to release March 3, 2017.