Florida Man Gets Five Years in Prison for Stealing Nintendo Switch

A man from Cape Coral, FL. has been sentenced to five and a half years in prison for stealing a Nintendo Switch from a garage. The man was caught after being captured on video by two surveillance cameras and because he was wearing a shirt that revealed his place of employment.

In December 2018, Kyle Sullivan was caught on camera stealing a child's Nintendo Switch console from a garage while the owner of the property briefly stepped away from the garage and went back inside the house. The owner of the property, Robert Love, was unsuccessful in chasing Sullivan down as he sped away in a getaway car. However, with surveillance footage from the Ring video camera and the fact that Sullivan was wearing his work shirt during the crime, the Cape Coral Police Department was able to track him down.

Love said that Sullivan was "completely stupid" to steal from a house with two video cameras and to be wearing a work shirt. The property owner then said that Sullivan was "blatantly an idiot."


The stolen Nintendo Switch has been returned to Love and his family but the story has a far unhappier ending for Sullivan. On May 9, Sullivan was sentenced to five and a half years in prison and then one year of probation for the crime. Sullivan was founded guilty on one count of burglary of a dwelling as well as one count of grand theft, and because he was sentenced as a "habitual felony offender," he was given added prison time.

Sullivan isn't the only person who has tried to steal a Nintendo Switch right out in the open. In Oklahoma, a Nintendo Switch was stolen from a hotel room while the owner, a young boy, was in surgery. The suspect in that crime was also caught on surveillance video footage.

In Ohio, several children were held at gunpoint while their home was robbed of games consoles. The thieves appeared to wait until the children's mother had gone out before performing the robbery.

While many children have been robbed and their Nintendo Switches have been stolen, there was one time when a young girl was an accessory to the crime. A prize machine thief used his daughter to help him steal a Nintendo Switch though the theft was caught on camera.

Source: Wink News

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