Nintendo Switch Survey Confirms Pokemon RPG Releases 2018

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At the recent Nintendo Direct Mini, it was revealed 2018 would be a busy year for the Nintendo Switch, and information concerning Pokémon was highly desired. Fans learned that Pokkén Tournament DX would be adding new playable Pokémon in the upcoming months, and now, Nintendo of Europe has held a survey that contained a highly-informative surprise.

The survey was rather simple, asking gamers what Switch titles they were likely to buy over the next year. The list contained the major titles known to be available on the Switch: Minecraft, Mario Kart 8, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Mario Tennis Aces, and more, yet an unknown game was listed at the very bottom: Pokémon RPGCheck out images of the survey here:

What the inclusion of this game could mean is unknown; however, it lines up with the rumors about the release date of a Pokémon game for the Switch introducing the eighth generation of Pokémon. Since Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were the final installments for the Nintendo DS, this seems likely, but there is no confirmation as to what game the Survey was referring at the time of this writing.

If the survey is indeed referring to the next generation of Pokémon, it is unlikely that the newest games could be titled Pokémon 1 and Pokémon 0. Although these titles recently appeared to be trademarked by Nintendo, it was later revealed to be part of an internet hoax. With that being said, speculation concerning the newest titles is sure to continue, and maybe, just maybe, we will learn something soon – especially if this survey is referring to this rumored game.

If this recent news is any indication, 2018 may very well be a great year for the Nintendo Switch and Pokémon franchise. Whether it’s enjoying one of the many titles available for the Switch, playing Aegislash in Pokkén Tournament DX, or awaiting news about the Pokémon RPG listed in the survey, hype for a system or a franchise, for some gamers, may have never been more real.

Pokémon for the Nintendo Switch seems to be confirmed for a 2018 release.

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