Ace Metrix, a company that analyzes video advertising, reveals that the Super Bowl 51 commercial for the Nintendo Switch was one of the most popular that aired.

After the Wii U was a sales disappointment, Nintendo has something to prove when it comes to the Nintendo Switch. As a part of Nintendo’s effort to ensure that the Switch is the success that the Wii U wasn’t, the company aired its first-ever Super Bowl ad during Super Bowl 51 last night to promote the new console. The $5 million Nintendo spent for the commercial slot is a little pricey, but it seems as though the investment was well worth it.

As reported by Nintendo Life, a video advertising analysis company called Ace Metrix has determined that the Nintendo Switch Super Bowl 51 commercial was the fourth most popular ad that aired during the big game, with Ford’s “Go Further” commercial taking the top spot. For those that missed the historic Patriots comeback last night, the Switch commercial featured a gamer playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in bed, cooking, and then on his TV using a Switch Pro Controller.

The buzz surrounding the Nintendo Switch hasn’t slowed down since its Super Bowl commercial, with the extended trailer on YouTube amassing 3.6 million views and over 45,000 “likes.” While some may be skeptical about the Switch’s handheld/home console hybrid concept, the support the Switch’s Super Bowl 51 commercial has received on YouTube and when it aired live seems to suggest that most are excited for Nintendo’s innovative device.

Purchasing ad space for the Switch should have been a no-brainer for Nintendo. Even though the Big N has refrained from purchasing Super Bowl ads in the past, the Switch’s March 3rd launch date made the timing right to spring on a Super Bowl commercial and introduce the console to as many consumers as possible. Over 111 million people reportedly watched Super Bowl 51, so it’s safe to say millions of people that weren’t aware of the Switch prior to Super Bowl 51 now know that the console’s release is right around the corner.

From now until the Switch’s launch on March 3rd, expect Nintendo to continue aggressively marketing the device. However, it remains to be seen if Nintendo can deliver enough units to match the demand it is creating for the new system. Switch pre-orders sold out almost immediately at stores worldwide, and Nintendo’s inability to produce enough units has resulted in GameStop and Target cancelling some pre-orders for the device. Getting consumers excited for the Switch is a good thing, but it doesn’t mean much if they are unable to go to a store and actually buy the console.

If the Switch is the smash hit that Nintendo is hoping it will be, then some of that success may be attributed to the Super Bowl 51 ad that introduced the system to millions of people. Moving forward, Nintendo may continue to purchase airtime during the Super Bowl to promote its products, especially if it feels the investment paid off with its Switch ad.

Nintendo Switch will be available on March 3rd.

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