Nintendo Switch Can Stream PC Games With This App

Nintendo Switch Streaming App

An upcoming application for the Nintendo eShop is being hailed as a 'game changer', as the third application will supposedly grant Switch users the ability to stream PC games onto Nintendo's portable platform. The developer of the application states that any device that supports DirectX 11 can utilize the application to stream PC games, and the developer states that the application will support usage on the  iOS, Android, Xbox One, and most notably the Nintendo Switch.

Entitled Rainway, the news that Nintendo would potentially allow this app onto the eShop means that gamers could play titles like The Witcher 3 or even Overwatch on the Switch in a manner that would obviously bypass the difficulties of porting those games over to the console itself. Of course, game streaming isn't new concept to the industry as a whole, a testament which failed companies like OnLive can surely vouch for. While it's unclear what users have to set up from the PC end of things, the developer promises a 'pain-free' configuration process for users.

Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch

What's more, the developer has ambitious plans to expand beyond PC and into the console realm once Windows 8 support is fully optimized. This implies that services like PlayStation Now would eventually be able to be streamed over to the Nintendo Switch, which would make Nintendo's console a veritable smorgasbord of intellectual properties typically exclusive to being seen on one platform.

The developer states that users streaming from a PC with more than one graphical processing unit can have one of the GPUs rendering the game while designating the other to encode the stream, reducing the lag effect that can make streaming these games a frustrating experience for many. While the developer certainly seems confident in the product, it's worth noting that Rainway hasn't been giving any real trial by either public or press at the time of this article.

Truthfully, the Rainway application remains shrouded in mystery: the website is mostly a shell, and gamers are relying only on word from one of the developers that the application will be hosted on the Nintendo eShop. Even more mysterious is the fact that the application will release at no cost, which either means the application will generate revenue via advertisements or the company behind Rainway is very altruistic regarding the plight of those who wish to stream games to other devices.

What do you think about streaming PC games to the Nintendo Switch, Ranters?

Source: Nintendo Today

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