Nintendo Switch Users Can Now Store Credit Card Info

nintendo switch eshop credit card information

Nintendo is making the online shopping experience significantly easier for its audience. One of the many features the company failed to implement in its Nintendo Switch console upon its launch in early March was the option to store credit card information. Now, Nintendo has announced that Switch players can keep all their credit card info on file through the marketplace.

Prior to Nintendo adding this new ability, Nintendo Switch users would have to manually re-enter their payment for each purchase made in the eShop. The only alternative to this tedious task saw players constantly re-loading their digital wallet with additional funds. While these payment routes are still available to follow when making a Switch eShop purchase, users will also see the option to save their details as they purchase a game.

Players' credit card information will be kept in the console's eShop Account Information page upon storage. In addition to the new payment preference save option, users can choose between requiring or disabling password entry when purchasing a game if they're details are on file.

Players must meet a set of guidelines in order to save their credit card information. The save option is only available to account members aged 18 years or older, and users can only store one credit card per Nintendo Account. However, the same credit card can be stored among multiple accounts. Additionally, payment info saved on a Nintendo Account will not carry over to a linked Nintendo Network ID, or vice versa. Players can use their stored information to make off-device purchases as well.

No system update is required to take advantage of this new feature, as it arrives in the console's background. And apparently, it hit the Switch fairly recently. The Nintendo support site only updated its credit card info storage policy within the past 12 hours.

The ability to store credit card information follows a few months after the first major eShop update. Before the Nintendo Switch launched, it was revealed that players could browse different regions in the eShop, making for a more diverse and expansive game-buying experience. With the implementation of this new feature, it certainly seems that Nintendo is aiming to please its ever-growing Switch user base.

The Nintendo Switch is available now.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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