Update: New bundles are now made available at GameStop and they are listed below. Shipping date for these three new Nintendo Switch bundles are by September 1st.

Still can’t find a Switch in stock at your local Best Buy or Walmart? Don’t want to pay the overprice listed by third-party resellers on Amazon Marketplace, eBay, or worst – Craigslist? GameStop is about to receive a new incoming batch of Nintendo Switch with Neon Joy-Con controllers and they are aiming to ship these by mid-August.

You can currently pre-purchase these Nintendo Switch from a selection of four bundles as GameStop attempts to tack on additional items to maximize basket size for these in-demand Nintendo systems. Considering Nintendo Switch units on eBay still go for around $380 (or more) without a game, the GameStop bundles aren’t that terrible of a proposition. You get the console new from an authorized retailer, with all the warranty and services you would expect from Nintendo if needed in the future.

GameStop Nintendo Switch September Bundles

GameStop Nintendo Switch August Bundles

  • Nintendo Switch Neon Joy-Con Splatoon Fan Bundle: $404.99
  • Nintendo Switch Neon Joy-Con Minecraft Charge Bundle: $429.99
  • Nintendo Switch Neon Joy-Con Adventure Bundle: $445.99

Initially, GameStop had five bundles available but as of writing the Zelda Starter bundle (pictured bottom right) is now sold out. You shouldn’t fret as the bundles themselves don’t exactly save you money, GameStop is basically just bundling in extra goodies to increase purchase price for the in-demand system. The next popular and best bet bundle from GameStop that will likely sell out before the August 18 ship date would be the Splatoon Fan bundle, which comes with Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch, the Deluxe Travel Case (Splatoon themed), and a Splatoon themed comfort grip for the joy-con.

Based on our past experiences, these bundles will likely sell out before the end of the week. GameStop is shipping these units by August 18 and depending on your region, you should receive your new Nintendo Switch within 3-5 days.

Update: The Splatoon bundle is now back in stock while the $399 Minecraft fan bundle is out of stock.

GAME.co.uk Nintendo Switch August Bundles

For gamers across the pond looking to pick up Nintendo Switch, the similar UK-based video game retailer GAME is offering 3 bundles on tap. Interestingly enough, as with GameStop selling out the Zelda bundle, GAME has also ran out of its Switch Grey Joy-Con bundled with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This isn’t a major issue, though, given most stores online carry the title so we’re not quite sure why GAME or GameStop list both bundles as out of stock.

If you spot the Switch available at other legitimate retailers online (non-reseller with marked up pricing), let us know in the comments and we’ll add them accordingly to the list above.

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