Nintendo Increasing Switch Console Production for Holidays

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New reports say that Nintendo is ramping up production of the Nintendo Switch ahead of the holidays, in order to prepare for the demand that is forecasted for the company's newest console.

That's according to the Financial Times, who is also reporting that Nintendo is actually denying that it is increasing production of the Switch and that it only plans on manufacturing 10 million units, which was Nintendo's original target of units to ship.

However, considering that numbers show that the Switch is outselling the mega-popular Wii when compared to the same time frame of sales back when the Wii launched, it wouldn't be surprising if Nintendo is in fact making sure that it has enough supply to capitalize on the demand that is likely to continue into the end of the year.

It is still hard for people to get their hands on a Switch, with supplies still limited and selling out quickly once they do come back into stock at stores and online retailers. GameStop says that the console is flying off the shelves in mere hours after receiving a shipment.

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The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Nintendo was trying to produce upwards of 16 million units during this fiscal year, and with this report that Nintendo is increasing its production again, the estimated total consoles is reaching up to 18 million units, almost double what Nintendo officially said it would produce.

But considering that Nintendo wants more than one Switch in every home and the steady hype about the console from consumers, upping the supply is probably just what Nintendo will need to get through the holidays.

The only problem that Nintendo could face is a supply shortage of the components that are used in the Switch such as the console's LCD screen, according to the Financial Times. Although, Nintendo may not divulge just how many units of the Switch it will manufacture before the holidays, those in search of one can hope that getting their hands on one will become easier in the coming months.

The Nintendo Switch is available now.

Source: Financial Times (via The Verge)

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